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Discuss best practices for literature reviews.
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  2. I find the whole process difficult! 😀 Starting with the seminal works (if you know them) and moving on from there always helps, as does looking for articles based upon some sort of impact number. However, these are often older texts or papers and so, while looking for more current literature, I always end up struggling to know when to stop researching the literature. When do you have enough? And which papers are more relevant? Are newer papers with lower impact ratings less valuable than older, potentially outdated, ones with higher impact scores? In the end it's always a learning process and
  3. Hello everyone, Each week I will be sharing a published article with the Nvivo Research Club Community. These scholarly works will be selected for one or more of reasons below: Author(s)'s reflection of how they utilized Nvivo in their research. Author(s)'s opinions regarding Nvivo and/or CAQDAS tools usage for a single or multiple methodological approach in qualitative research field. Author(s)'s perspective about the strengths and the limitations of Nvivo for their research. The goals of this initiative are: Providing resources for the members of research cl

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