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  2. Hello @alexquse, I did my Ph.D. research with a similarly structured dataset in which I found a workaround. I would suggest you to take a look at my response to a previous question on the same issue. https://forums.nvivobyqsr.com/topic/5782-comparative-case-study-research-with-nvivo/#entry16869 Please feel free to reach me if you have any questions.
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  4. Yes I will try this. I have not begin with my big project, still doing some tests. I have one more question about autocoding. Could this be a way to change the structure of project? I know that the autocoding (existing pattern) is not reliable. But if we have to restructure our project differently, one idea is to re-import a new source and autocode according existing pattern. Does anyone tested? (I'm going to try: I am working on an extract of 500 entries with two open-ended questions).
  5. alexquse

    Italian as content

    up! 😀
  6. Hi Di, Instead of a set, you can try running a Coding query and for each attribute value, add a criteria row to search for coding linked to cases with that attribute value, for example: Coded At - Any Case Where Township = Smyrna After this query has run, you can then save the results to a node by right clicking on the node, selecting Store Query Results and selecting to save to a new node. Once the node is saved, this node can then be used in other queries, such as a row input for a matrix coding query. Hope this helps. ^NVivoSup
  7. MauCap

    Highlighting in different colors

    +1 , make highlighting in different colors for selected nodes a reality !
  8. MauCap

    Highlight in different colours

    +1 9 years on - it would still be nice to be able to have more options in terms of highlighting-color , e.g. select speakers/cases and assign color to each would be nice in terms of reading some materials.
  9. anyone can tell me the steps of creating a set in Nvivo 12 for mac, for example, create the combination of “Township = Smyrna”, who think the “Pace ofDevelopment = Too fast” and who participate in “Recreational Fishing = yes”so that these cases can be placed in the column of a Matrix Coding Query.
  10. someone can help me !!!! ways to look for cases by attribute except using advanced find. for example, create the combination of “Township = Smyrna”, who think the “Pace of Development = Too fast” and who participate in “Recreational Fishing = yes” so that these cases can be placed in the column of a Matrix Coding Query. I know that group query can filter the cases out, any other ways?
  11. AmirM

    Text search - parts of words

    Hi Akshay, Any news regarding my question? (I attached a picture with more details in a separate reply ten days ago) Thankd, Amir
  12. I found another way to include paragraph numbers in documents already loaded into Nvivo 12. right click on the file select export from the menu. The export dialog box has an option for including paragraph numbers and exporting to a Word format export the file to a folder on your computer in Word format with paragraph numbers. import that file back into Nvivo If this is possible (it is i tried it), is there a way to add the paragraph numbers without having to export?
  13. Hello, If you would like to use the visuals of text search query, then you need to perform additional coding in order to reach what you want, since text search query does not allow you to filter with a case attribute value. Assuming you have already created your cases for your interviews and case classification attribute for gender, the easiest way would be making a coding query using two criteria: 1) Cases>interviews, 2) Gender>Male. You can set query criteria as in attached picture. Result will provide you all the interviews with male participants. You can save query results as a code with name "Maleinterviewparticipants". Then you can perform a text search for the word "uncle" in this newly created node. Hope this helps.
  14. AmirM

    Text search - parts of words

    Hi Akshay, Thanks for your reply. Here is an image of the query. As I mentioned before, I am interested not only in "ed" as it appears in the beginning of a word but also at the end of a word. What NVivo seems to provide through this query is "ed" in the beginning of the word. My question: is there a way to get references with "ed" or some of part of a word in the beginning as well as in the middle or end of a word? Thanks, Amir
  15. I am doing a text query and using the word, "uncle." I only need the search to look in Interview 1s that are associated with cases with the attribute "male." I thought I could easily filter to accomplish this. But the item "Classified items where" allowing attribute selection is not usable but I do not understand why. Any insight?
  16. I have not tried this but here's an idea for a work around: Using a word doc, Cut and past the question (put in Header 1 style), then cut and paste all the data from the open ended responses, each separated by the participant number (put the participant number in Header 2 and the responses in normal style). Import into project. Then you will be able to code and search by case.
  17. QSRSupport

    Text search - parts of words

    Hi Amir, Thank you for contacting NVivo Support. To investigate the issue, can you please provide me with the screenshot of the details you have entered in the query criteria? Once I have the above information, I will be able to assist you further. I look forward to your reply. Regards, Akshay
  18. Hello, When searching for words or expressions in the Text Search query, I used * to get part of the word, for example "ed", but only got "ed" in the beginning of a word, for example "education". What if I want to get "ed" at the end of a word? (for example, "argued"). Is there a way to do that using the Text Search Query in NVivo? (MAC and/or PC?) Thanks, Amir
  19. Thank you. File is structured with individuals as Set (and Cases, which is straightforward). Then it is possible to do anything I want with node matrice. Another question: I tried the new function that allows to import data directly from a SPSS file. I couldn't find a way to get the open-ended questions on a "document page": there are embeded in a grid which is not a very practical layout for coding. Not a big deal. More bigger problem: the import stops at 100 cases, which makes the function useless: a "quantitative" study with open-ended questions has often a few hundred cases. Or did I miss something?
  20. Hi gracespring, I see that you've also contacted us directly via email and one of our support team members has been in contact and is trying to resolve this for you. ^NVivoSup
  21. MaxNvivo

    Crash when importing dataset or bibliography

    Thank you. Just for reference Nvivo 12 for Mac is also very unstable as projects get bigger.
  22. MaxNvivo

    Nvivo 12 for Mac crashing

    Also having big issues with Nvivo 12 for Mac crashing
  23. NVivo 11 will not open after being reinstalled following a computer crash. All data files were recovered. Will the free node coding on my data files migrate to N 12 without N 11 installed or when N 11 will not open directly?
  24. Leslie Huckfield

    Nodes and Cases

    Bhupesh. Very sorry not to get back till now. This was very useful. Many thanks - Les
  25. gracespring

    Corrupted File

    I had the same problem of N 11 not opening after downloading the program to rebuild my computer following a crash. All data files were saved. Tried opening "Sample Project" without success. Provided QSR my zipped crash information file but did not receive a response regarding the cause of the problem(s). 30 September: downloaded replacement N 11 13 October: forwarded crash information to QSR-- NO Response 15 October: QSR representative closed out customer request Case number: 00637309 Contact Support Case Follow up [ ref:_00D2820aRK._5000I1nEvOT:ref ] OfflineCrashLogs (1).zip OfflineCrashLogs (2).zip
  26. QSRSupport

    Crash when importing dataset or bibliography

    Hi, Our technical team is working on resolving compatibility issues with Mac OS Catalina and hope to release an update in 2-3 weeks. You'll be prompted by NVivo to install the update as it is released. Kind Regards, Bhupesh
  27. I installed Nvivo 12 on my iMac (running latest Catalina OS) without i installing Nvivo 10. Everything works fine except for an immediate crash when I press the dataset button or try to import bibliography data. I get an immediate crash before any dialogue window comes up. I read up the forums and discovered I maybe should have uninstalled Nvivo 10 first so have now deleted that. Is there an easy fix or should I uninstall Nvivo 12 and reinstall it again? If so do I have to track down all the install files in libraries and system folders? Has anyone else had this crash scenario? Any help much appreciated.
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