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  2. dr_cnkimball

    Nvivo 12 detailed manual and annotations

    Nvivo 12 Plus as well, please!
  3. This is a request for an up-to-date manual for NVivo12. The language in the manual for Nvivo11 has changed in the newer version of the software and it makes the use of the help manual less efficient. This is also a question about hiding annotations. The NVivo11 help manual contains the following:http://help-nv11.qsrinternational.com/desktop/procedures/add_delete_and_manage_annotations.htm?rhsearch=annotations&rhsyns= In Nvivo12, I cannot find this feature. Please advise.
  4. aatrainor

    Pin a message for team work?

    Will do Akshay, thanks for your reply.
  5. QSRSupport

    Privacy of media and transcriptions

    Hi Bonnie, You can find information on the privacy of your transcription data at the following link: https://www.qsrinternational.com/nvivo/support-overview/faqs/nvivo-transcription-faq If you require any further information please contact DataProtectionOfficer@qsrinternational.com Regards, Heather
  6. Yesterday
  7. I don't quite understand "NVivo treats coding to the video timeline and coding to the transcript as separate references." Let me see if I can explain. To me, once the transcript is imported into the video, then it is the same reference. I would expect that all the coding I did in the video initially would now appear coded, highlighted and code-striped in the video+transcript. Is that what happens, or do I have to all the initial video-only encodings over again in the video+transcript reference so I can get the video-only codes to be attached to the words at that time in the transcripts? Thanks for clarifying.
  8. Hello, How do you ensure the privacy of the media and the transcriptions used in your transcription service? We need to know that no unauthorized person has access to the media/transcription. Thanks for explaining.
  9. Hi Bonnie, If you want to start coding on the video timeline and then import a transcript later on you will be able to do this. NVivo treats coding to the video timeline and coding to the transcript as separate references. Importing your log files later will be more difficult. You will not be able to import these as transcript rows if you already have a transcript, so you would need to manually edit your transcript in NVivo to add these. Regards, Heather
  10. Hi bjohn, Transcripts created with NVivo Transcription contain timestamps and will sync with your audio/video file in NVivo. You can find information on using NVivo Transcription with NVivo for Mac at the following link: https://help-nv.qsrinternational.com/12/mac/v12.1.86-d3ea61/Content/files/nvivo-transcription.htm Regards, Heather
  11. Last week
  12. Hello, I have the problem that I get different pieces of data for the same session at different times and I am under pressure to start coding ASAP. For example, I run a session and have the video immediately, which I'd like to start coding with a set of rough codes. Then a week later I get a transcript that I want to synch with the video and code at a much more detailed level, without losing the rough codes I have already done. Then a week later, I get a log file of what the system was doing (e.g., error messages) that I want to automatically interleave into the transcript (not edit in NVivo) without losing the codes I have already done. I need to be able to tell integrated stories about what happened -- where the words the person said is in context with the system logs, e.g., what they were trying to do before they got the error message and as they are puzzling about what this error message means. It all has to read from the same document, not switch back and forth between documents. (Hence my thought that I could just add to the transcript somehow) Any thoughts as to how I can get what I need with the current capabilities of NVivo? Thanks, Bonnie
  13. Does your transcription service automatically produce a transcript that can be imported and synched with a video in NVivo?
  14. Di Feng

    Longitudinal data

    If time as an attribute, what tools can I use to analyze different time and how would I use it in Nvivo 12?
  15. Hello, Thank you for contacting NVivo Support. We will need access to the RIS file to investigate the issue. Can you please submit a support request form using the link below and please attach your RIS? https://qsrinternational.com/nvivo/contact-us/customer-support Regards, Akshay
  16. Earlier
  17. Hi Akshay, Thank you for providing this information. I am able to export my entire matrix to Excel, but, if I filter the matrix by a value in a particular column, for example, it won't let me save or export the filtered results. Do you know if this is possible? Thank you! Rebecca
  18. I use Zotero as my ref manager. I am trying to import a series of PDFs into NVivo for OS X to use for a literature review. No matter what format I use to export my selection of articles from Zotero, I cannot import them into NVivo. Half of the time I can't get the software to accept the bibliographic index file. When it does accept the format and the "import assistant" comes up, I get the error: "Import Error: Unable to parse bibliographic data file." Can't start my work without getting these articles into NVivo. Any ideas? Using version 12.5.0 which is the latest.
  19. QSRSupport

    Pin a message for team work?

    Hello, Thank you for contacting NVivo Support. Currently, this feature is not available in NVivo. Thank you so much for your great feature suggestion. We use an easy and user-friendly online tool called Canny to gather all our customer feedback. May I request that you click on the following link NVivo/Interpris and share your feature suggestion here by creating a post. You can also vote on posts created by other users. When you post or vote on a feature, you will start receiving notifications via Canny on the planned/in progress/completed actions. If you wish you to pin messages or inform your colleagues, you will need to do that outside of NVivo. I hope this helps. Regards, Akshay
  20. Hello, Thank you for contacting NVivo Support. You should be able to save the framework matrix to an excel format and open it outside of NVivo. Once you have finished running the query, you may save the query and add it to your project. Also, you may export the query results in excel format by following the steps below: Run the query In the results, right click Click on Export Node Matrix A window will appear Browse and select the location Name the file and click Save I hope this helps. Regards, Akshay
  21. I am wondering if there is a way to pin a message for teams working together? I would like to put a reminder in the project log, but I would like it to be similar to pinning, as featured in a number of other software and social media tools (e.g., FaceBook, Trello, Slack, Pinterest etc)
  22. After creating a matrix coding query with cases down the rows and coding categories across the columns, NVivo allows you to filter the matrix by row or column values, which is very helpful. However, it does not let you save these filtered results with your query or export them to Excel, from what I can tell. Is there any way to export the matrix to Excel with the column/row filtering preserved? Thank you!
  23. QSRSupport

    Working with spreadsheets

    Hi Carito, You can import data from different participants at different times. You can import responses from the same survey multiple times. When you do this, you can choose to merge into an existing dataset or create a new dataset. Refer to the link https://help-nv.qsrinternational.com/12/win/v12.1.84-d3ea61/Content/files/survey-monkey.htm Having separate spreadsheet can impact your analysis based on how you want to analyse the data. I would suggest you to try with smaller amount of data to see if keeping separate files suits you. I hope this helps. Kind Regards, Bhupesh
  24. QSRSupport

    parent / sibling nodes

    Hi Lene, You can turn ON the Aggregation in the parent node to see number of nodes/files associated to the child nodes, in the Parent Node(without opening child nodes). Refer to the link https://help-nv.qsrinternational.com/12/win/v12.1.84-d3ea61/Content/nodes/aggregate-nodes.htm Kind Regards, Bhupesh
  25. Hi, It is not possible to convert/open a project to/in an earlier version of NVivo. So, you won't be able to open the project in NVivo 8. If you haven't used NVivo 10 trial on your computer before, you can install NVivo 10 from our Downloads page below and click Trial when prompted to use the free trial. https://www.qsrinternational.com/nvivo/support-overview/downloads Kind Regards, Bhupesh
  26. Hi, I´ve got an entire project developed and saved in NVivo10 that I need to access. However at the moment I only have access to an NVivo8, and I cannot open or visualize the project. As much as I´d love to upgrade, that´s the available option at the moment. Is there any way I can make it work with this earlier version? I would really appreictate your help.
  27. Hi, we want to code lengthy videos (up to 8 hours), 6GB in size, but it is very hard as the video stalls and pauses for longer periods of time; and also the video- and audio-tracks seem to unrip from each other, making it very hard to code in a meaningful way. Does any of you have the same experience and what have you done to solve it?
  28. Lene Bjerregaard

    parent / sibling nodes

    When coding into sibling nodes, having an overarching parent node, is it then possible to display number of files / nodes in the parent node, before unfolding the parentnode? It appears empty otherwise thank you
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