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  2. On clicking edit on two of our data files ,out of 25 that have been coded and annotated, the error message Key already exists pops up (see attached images for full message) then NVivo 12 crashes. I have tried both Compacting and Repairing and Merging the project into a new project success, following the instructions given in the forum post below re an apparently similar issue. Please advise.
  3. Hello, I am relatively new to NVivo. I've used a different mixed methods software (MAXQDA) that allowed me to see a list of nodes are associated with a particular node. I am trying to figure out if I can do a similar thing with NVivo. Here is an example of what I am trying to do. I asked the same questions to focus group and individual interview participants. In my first coding pass, I coded each response to a question as Q1, Q2, etc. Additionally, I also coded those responses according to content (i.e. physical violence, emotional violence, etc.). I now want to see a list of the nodes (i.e. nodes like physical violence, emotional violence, etc.) associated with a particular question (i.e. nodes like Q1, Q2, etc.) for analysis purposes and to merge similar nodes. I've checked message boards for instructions on how to do this and similar questions have suggested using coding stripes. This suggestion doesn't work well for me because I have multiple codes and it can be difficult to see them on one screen. Additionally, it appears I can only see them on each individual document and as I have over 20 documents, it is inconvenient to go back and forth between documents. Furthermore, I really would like a list of nodes not the content associated with those nodes. I'm happy to provide more information if necessary. Thanks! Samantha
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  5. QSRSupport

    Using Nvivo 11 plus and Nvivo 11 pro in one project

    Hi Peter, NVivo Pro users will be able to view coding references created through auto coding by an NVivo Plus user except for nodes created by sentiment analysis. Hope this helps. NVivo Support
  6. Our university has a site license for Nvivo Pro, and I have an individual licence for NVivo 11 Plus. Are there any problems with having a group project where some people work using Nvivo12 pro and others use Nvivo 11 plus on the same data? Just to confirm, the Nvivo Pro users would be able to see the autocoding done by Nvivo Plus? Thanks.
  7. PeterTheSbam

    Combining two spreadsheets in a project.

    Thanks Bupesh, That's very helpful.
  8. Hi Sarah, Another workaround is to run a Matrix Coding Query & open each cell of the matrix to copy the references to an Excel file manually. We use an online tool called Canny to gather all our customer feedback.May I request that you click on the following link https://nvivo.canny.io/ & share your feature suggestion here by creating a post. You can also vote on posts created by other NVivo users. When you post or vote on a feature, you will start receiving notifications via Canny on the planned/in progress/completed actions. Kind Regards, Bhupesh
  9. Could we have more control over the node and folder hierarchy produced when autocoding? At present you cannot avoid NVivo adding some additional layers that you may not want and have to spend time removing later. Also you cannot control much what these layers are called - only the final layer can be customised.
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  11. Thank you Bhupesh, I created a new case for all speeches of the speaker, but the original text has done coding. Is it possible to see the text encoded in the original transcript in this speaker's case? I need this, this view mode. Regards Rafael
  12. I read your post in a coding interval. And I response in another. Rafael
  13. QSRSupport


    Hi Andos, There is currently an integration issue with NCapture. This is due to a block by Facebook. We are working to resolve the issue with Facebook, but unfortunately their turnaround times can take up to eight weeks. As soon as this issue has been resolved we will advise you. We apologize for any inconvenience in the meantime. Due to this issue, you: Cannot capture wall posts for a page as a dataset Cannot capture public group posts as a dataset even as a public group Admin Twitter is not affected Users can capture Facebook pages as PDFs using NCapture I hope this information is helpful. Kind Regards, Bhupesh
  14. QSRSupport

    Combining two spreadsheets in a project.

    Hi Peter, It is not possible to merge or edit spreadsheets in NVivo however, it is possible to import the spreadsheets separately and link them. To link the spreadsheets, you need to ensure that first column of both the spreadsheets has names or unique identifiers for the students. This will help you code/classify both spreadsheets to the students. Refer to the link below for more information on working with Datasets/spreadsheets in NVivo & how to code from spreadsheets automatically: http://help-nv11.qsrinternational.com/desktop/concepts/approaches_to_analyzing_survey_results.htm Kind Regards, Bhupesh
  15. Hi Rafael, When you code a transcript row, only the content available on Transcript column is coded, speaker name is not coded. You'll need to create one case each for every speaker and code respective transcript data to those cases. Kind Regards, Bhupesh
  16. Does anyone else have issues with capturing comments using NCapture to download Facebook comments? I thought it just automatically converts into a spreadsheet. I get the following notification,
  17. Hello Sarah, Currently NVivo for MAC does not support framework matrices. We all do eagerly wait for development team bring this feature to Nvivo for MAC. As a workaround you may perform a coding query for each participant (case) and nodes (role/identity, activity, aspects of personality, technology use) , and then export results. The downside of this workaround is you will not reach a summary of the content but you will get exact coded text and you must repeat this query for each participant. I hope this helps,
  18. QSRSupport

    NVIvo Mac 11 quit

    Hi, MacOS 10.14 introduced some new privacy and security features and for NVivo 11 for Mac to work with MacOS 10.14 Mojave, you will need to grant NVivo permission to control your computer. To do this, please follow the steps below: 1. Open System Preferences (Click Launchpad > System preferences or select the System Preferences icon from the dock) 2. Select Security & Privacy 3. Select the Privacy tab and then select Accessibility 4. Click the lock icon to make changes and enter your password if prompted to do so. 5. If NVivo doesn't show under "Allow the apps below to control your computer", click the’+’ icon and then select NVivo from the Applications folder. 6. Ensure there is a tick in front of NVivo application icon. You should now be able to close System Preferences and launch NVivo. Note, if the above permissions are not granted, NVivo will fail to launch. Kind Regards, Bhupesh
  19. QSRSupport

    NVivo 12 crash, data lost

    Hi Marjorie, Our records show that one of our team members has already sent you an email in regards to restoring from NVB file. Let us know if further assistance is required. Kind Regards, Bhupesh
  20. Jacqui Cameron

    NVIvo Mac 11 quit

    I am running High Sierra on my iMac (as won't update as old) and Mojave on my MacBook Pro with NVivo 12 licence no problems with either since I have upgraded to NVivo 12. I would uninstall and reinstall NVivo?
  21. GPid

    NVIvo Mac 11 quit

    My NVivo Mac 11 suddenly quit on both my Macs (laptop and desktop). I recently upgraded systems to Mojave. I can't download a software upgrade as it won't let me use my license number for NVivo Mac 12 - has anyone had this issue?
  22. Marjorie Kelley

    NVivo 12 crash, data lost

    My Nvivo 12 (Windows) project crashed, and my transcript and the codes assigned to the transcript were also lost. I found an NVivo 12 Recovery file containing what appears to be an earlier version of my project but it has a .nvb file extension. I cannot import the .nvb file into my project. I have a meeting with my dissertation advising committee tomorrow (9am ET) Please advise ASAP.
  23. I'm trying to create a framework matrices and chart my data so that I can summarize what each of my participants have said with regard to particular topics. I have attached a picture below of an example of what I'm trying to achieve. I have found videos online but so far I think they only work for people with windows and the framework matrices tab doesn't show up for me under internals. Is there a solution to do this for Mac users also?
  24. Mdkimball

    nVivo running very slow during initial coding of nodes

    I just upgraded to 12 for Mac, and I am having the same problem. Can someone make the advice for this problem public? This is putting a serious drag on my coding. MK
  25. I have a spreadsheet of student reflections. Each row contains a set of classifiers (names, week #, etc), and a written reflection by each student, along with peer feedback, marker feedback, and so forth. There are ten rows (and ten reflections) per student. I have a second spreadsheet that contains student marks. There is one row per student with one column per week. I would like to marry to the two datasets. Ideally, I'd map individual columns of the marks spreadsheet (marks for each reflection) to the relevant row of the reflections spreadsheet. However, failing that, I'd like to map an average mark to all ten rows. I would prefer to do the mapping inside N-Vivo if possible. That would allow me to analyse text before it is marked, import marks as they become available, etc. I presume you do this by making a case for each student-week, or a case for each student. I can't work out how to do it beyond that. Can you give me some guidance? Additional points: - There are two spreadsheets, each of which has ~800 records. However, I want to do this exercise every semester for the next five years or so, and there are likely to be more than two classes per semester in future. Consequently, I'd like to do this as automatically as possible. - I'm in Melbourne, so can meet to discuss with you if that's easier.
  26. Hi, I am a new user of NVivo for Mac and recently used the software to transcribe the audio files of my two focus group. Each row in the audio transcription represents a different speaker (written in the speaker column). I am coding the focal group transcripts, and I need view the speaker in the text encode. I thougth there speaker column existed just for this, but I couldn't do this using the case classification. Is there another way? Thanks for any help. Regards, Rafael
  27. Hi, I appear to be having the same (or a very similar) problem too - I do use NVivo 12 too - , could you share the advice with me? I'd like some help Best regards, Rafael
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