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  2. I am having exactly the same problem. We are working on NVivo 12 Pro. I have moved both the master file and the file to be imported off from the cloud, and yet it still does not work.
  3. Writing user actions to a project event log is available only in the Windows version.
  4. Hi Aditya and Jin, Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to capture YouTube videos and comments via NCapture. There doesn't seem to be any other way to capture the metadata. Our technical team is aware of this issue and they will try to address this via future NCapture updates however, I am unable to specify when it will be resolved. Kind Regards, Bhupesh
  5. Hi Annie, This seems to be a project related issue. Can you submit a support request via our support page below and send us your file for investigation? If you have already submitted a request, we will respond to you soon via email. Kind Regards, Bhupesh
  6. Hi, In regards to the error messages in the first post, it seems that you are working on a project from a network drive. I recommend that you copy the project from the network drive to the C drive on your computer and then work on the projects from the C drive. Also, please change the recovery file location of your project to a folder on your C drive by opening your project and clicking File>Info>Project Properties>Save and Recovery. Alix, your file is not too big and NVivo should not have any issues handling files of that size. Could you please copy your project to you
  7. Hi Joe, Can you try importing your project into a blank new project? To do this: 1. In NVivo, create a blank new project. (Start NVivo using the icon in the Applications folder and form the File menu click "New project") 2. Click the Data tab and then click the Project icon. 3. The 'Import Project' dialog box appears. 4. Navigate to and select the compacted project file. 5. Click Import. If the issue persists, can you please submit a support request via our support page below so that we can investigate this further? https://support.qsrinternational.com/n
  8. Yesterday
  9. Hi, I am getting an error message (“Error: unable to create registry entries with required permissions.) when I try to install. How to fix?
  10. As an update, I was finally able to see the codes in the file. My RA sent is as a .qdpx file and it converted in my NVivo and showed the codes. Any reason why this worked?
  11. Hi Bhupesh, I opened the project in a separate file and it does not contain nodes. However, I know this is false because when I open up the first file she had originally sent me, the nodes are all present. So it appears that when she sent it as a project containing two files, it does not work. I also updated my NVivo and got the second RA's file to open! Thank you But again, the aforementioned RA's file does have codes so I'm not sure why they are missing when they are sent in a project that contains both files.
  12. I would like to pull excerpts according to 4 criteria in order to compare substance use narratives of 3 sexual orientation groups. I only see the possibility to pull content according to 2 criteria in the matrix coding query. I've thought about creating 3 NVIVO projects to separate out the 3 sexual orientation groups. But that still leaves me with 3 criteria to query in the matrix. Does any one have any ideas of tools or work arounds for accomplishing this? Below are the 4 criteria to help you imagine what I want to do: (1) sexual orientation of the participant (e.g., gay/lesbian, bisexua
  13. Hi My NVivo has just started quitting every time I press the X bottom on a text document. I've reinstalled Nvivo and the same problem remains. It has made the program unusable and I need it for research purposes quite urgently. I am on a mac, using the most up to date version of Nvivo and have a 12 month student license. The error report says 'failed to save document (9)'. Thanks Joe Simpson
  14. Thank you both, your advise helped me create the visual I needed as I just removed the top node for this one export and put it back after. I couldn't get it to do this without removing the top node but this will do nicely. 😀
  15. Hello, I know that in ATLAS.ti 9 there's a way to import VTT files (automatic transcriptions) generated by applications like Zoom and then sync them with the corresponding audio/video files. Is this the case with NVivo as well? Thanks, Amir
  16. You are right! Windows version allows you to import them. Regards,
  17. Hello again AmirM, When you follow above steps on the word "water" will be coded withe node you created. The content is displayed in gray by default that does not mean that those words will be coded. To check, open the node you created and select text tab and open one of the sources you will see that only "water" will be highlighted. Regards,
  18. Thank you so much for the info! I know that NVivo for Windows does allow to merge annotations. That hasn't changed, right? Best - Amir
  19. Thank you! This helps, though I still get the context in gray. Any way to save just the words? Best wishes, Amir
  20. Hello AmirM, In the Mac version annotations would not be imported. Please follow below source ( it belongs to a earlier version but still relevant) https://help-nv11mac.qsrinternational.com/desktop/procedures/import_items_from_another_nvivo_project.htm Hope this helps, Regards,
  21. Hi, Having more than one file in a project should not cause any issues during merging. Also, any coding or nodes should not get deleted when you merge the projects. If RA's coding still does not show up in the merged project, please open RA's project separately on your computer to confirm if it indeed contains their coding/nodes. In regards the crashing issue, can you please reinstall NVivo via the link below and click Replace when prompted during installation? https://download.qsrinternational.com/Software/NVivo12forMac/NVivo%2012.dmg Kind Regards, Bhupesh
  22. Hello PTaylor, Coloring feature in hierarchy charts allows you to compare same level members of a given hierarchy. Thus, if you select the top level "Psychological Skills" node you are not comparing it something to any same level node and all nodes in your project belongs to that top level node that's why you will get same color. You will get the same if you choose "Coaching and Tools" parent node and create a hierarchy chart. In order to get what you want just select your 2nd level parent nodes and create a hierarchy chart. When presenting you would not need to show
  23. Last week
  24. Hello AmirM, You can definitely do that! Before running your query, please make sure you selected "exact matches" Once you completed your text search query, you will see a "save results" button on the top right next to the "run query". Click that give your code a name and choose a location for it. Hope this helps, Regards,
  25. Hello, In order to test the workflow for a future collaboration with colleagues, I opened a new project, added an interview transcript, copied the project, open the copy and added a few annotations to the interview transcript. To my surprise, when I imported the copy-project into the original project, the annotations weren't imported. Why is that? I tested codes as well and the codes were imported but not the annotations... Is this a MAC issue or am I missing something? Thanks, Amir
  26. Hello, If I run a Text Search query, let's say for the word "water", and I want to code automatically all of the instances of the word "water" that were found in the search into a new code called "water", is there a way to do that? I tried Ctrl+A and then Quick Code the selection into a new code called "water", BUT the code contained other words that appeared as gray context around the word "water" from the search. Is there a way to just automatically code only the term that was searched for and not to include the context surrounding it? Thanks, Amir
  27. Hello PTaylor, I just tried this myself. It looks like you can only have multiple colors for the hierarchy chart that shows all the the parent and child nodes. When you click on a parent node the only option is to have one color for all the child nodes.
  28. Hi there, I'm working on a study and have several research assistants working on coding transcripts in their own NVivo program. A few of them have PC while one has a Mac. As I have a Mac, the PC students have converted their files to be opened on a Mac. This worked for the first file, as I was able to successfully import the RA's project into the master project. However, she has since sent another file which does import into the master project but all her nodes are missing and when I click Highlight > Coding for All Nodes, the file shows that no nodes have been created which is false.
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