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  2. Hi lew, Are you creating a case for the PDFs during import? If so, NVivo does automatically create some references as part of this process with a PDF file. One reference is created for the file and additionally one for each page in the file, so a 15 page PDF will show as having 16 references. I hope this helps. ^NVivoSup
  3. Hi Georgios, As a Support consultant, my expertise lies in assisting our customers with issues that are of a technical nature. I am able to <<Replace ‘I was’ with ‘We were’ if you are doing someone else’s followup>> assist you with questions relating to ‘how to’ use certain functions in NVivo, however the assistance you require at present is beyond my <<replace ‘my’ with ‘our’ >> expertise. This is the reason for suggesting our Training and Consultancy team in this instance. You can view upcoming classroom and NVivo Academy workshops here: http://www.qsrinternational.com/nvivo/nvivo-training You can also connect with NVivo certified platinum trainers who can provide you with advice on working with your own projects including: · Project setup · Efficient and analytically powerful approaches to coding, in light of your research methods and questions · Making the most of key tools in NVivo, specifically for your project. Note, NVivo certified platinum trainers may charge you for providing their service. Regards, NVivoSup
  4. Hello, In order to progress with your case, it would be helpful for us to be able to reproduce the issue. To enable us to do this we require from you the steps you perform when you experience the issue. You can provide this information by recording the issue as it appears on your machine. For recordings we use a software called Screencast-O-Matic which is free for you to use. The instructions below explain how you can make the recording. If the issue does not appear in your recording, it is recommended that you try to reproduce the problem again. Download the screen recording software from the following link: http://screencast-o-matic.com/getappdownload Install the software on your computer. Launch screencast-o-matic and choose use FREE recorder Drag and resize the recording area to fit your screen. Click the Rec button, open NVivo and try to reproduce the problem in NVivo. To stop recording, click the pause button that appears in the menu bar, then select done. From the menu, chose save as Video file Select Filename: and rename the file to 2011-07-26 John Smith XXXX Select Folder, and choose a location to save the video file. Click Publish. Once you have finished recording, please submit a support request form using the link: https://bit.ly/2PshbKN and let us know, we will send you an email with the file sharing agreement and a link where you can upload the file. ^NVivoSup
  5. Hi Martin, To investigate the issue, can you please tell me if you are receiving any error messages? If yes, please submit a support request from the link: https://bit.ly/39YFfyp and send me screenshot of the error message when NVivo crashes by pressing Shift-Command (⌘)-3 to take a screenshot. A .png file with the date and time stamp on your desktop will be created. Attach the .png file to your support request. Also, please send me the NVivo error logs by following the steps below: NVivo for Mac error logs are named like ‘log-XXXXXX.txt’ and are usually present in the NVivo folder located in your Library folder. Refer to the instructions below to find NVivo error logs on your Mac. 1. Open Finder 2. Hold down the Option key 3. Choose Go > Library. 4. Go to Logs folder > NVivo folder (or NVivo 12 folder if using NVivo 12) and look for files named log-XXXXX.txt ^NVivoSup
  6. Hi Ashley, To investigate the issue, we will need access tot he file so that we can try and replicate the issue. Can you please send us the file? If yes, please submit a support request form using the link: https://www.qsrinternational.com/nvivo-qualitative-data-analysis-software/contact-us/get-in-touch/technical-support Also, please attach the file that you are facing issues with. ^NVivoSup
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  8. Hello QS, You may find below information useful. http://help-nv11.qsrinternational.com/desktop/procedures/recover_projects.htm Hope this helps,
  9. Hi, i'm working with a team on Nvivo 12 on a server project. Different team members have run (different) text search queries on multiple documents, and then looked through the results (generally viathe PDF and Text tabs). From these results, some of the content has been coded into various existing nodes. Usually this works well, but there have been a few source documents (all are PDFs, but the problem does not extend to all the pdfs we have in the project), where instead of coding at the (user) selected paragraph, the entire document has been coded to that node. This has happened to different users, and there seems to be no commonality as to when it happens. The only time it consistently does not happen, is when a user goes through one source document at a time and codes certain passages to a node. Therefore we assume it is a function of using a text search query, but would like to understand why it is happening so that we can prevent it happening in the future. Any suggestions appreciated!
  10. Hi, I am new to Nvivo and am using it for the first time to organise and analyze data for my MSc dissertation. I am trying to import data from refworks and am clicking on data then bibliographic data then choosing refworks but it then just comes up with my finder window which doesn't have my refworks references in it. Where am I going wrong or is it because I need to save the references that I have in refworks as pdf files? Any advice on how I can quickly get to grips with it as I have limited time to sort it! Thank you, Annie
  11. Hi, We are using Nvivo 12 as a server project. Recently different members of the team have been running a query on multiple files, and then using the results (generally by looking at the Text and Pdf tabs) to select the content to code (generally paragraphs). For most of the files this has worked with no problems, but for a few random pdf files (there doesn't seem to be any differences between them and others in the sources) the code is assigned to the entire file, rather than just the selected paragraph. The problem only happens through running a query for multiple sources, not when coding in each pdf separately (and running a text query).
  12. Hi, I am experiencing a similar problem as above. When I try to export my codes to excel, I get the error message that 'outline level must be between 0 and 7'. What should I do to solve this problem? Thank you in advance! Best regards, Amsale
  13. Hi, Is anyone else experiencing significant stability issues with NVivo for Mac? (v1.2 build 4255) NVivo crashes consistently, if I click "modules" or login. It also crashes consistently 5-10 sec after opening a project when I have imported an audio file (1 hour mp4a file) in that project. /martin
  14. Hi I have a pdf open on mac nvivo 12 which I requested it start scanning for recognisable text. However yesterday the loading bar got stuck on halfway quite quickly. I left it for hours thinking it might be because the document is large yet it still did not budge. Tt did the same thing today when I tried again and the loading bar is just stuck half way. Has anyone got any ideas to fix this? Thank you!
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  16. I am trying to import a Zoom recording of a session for transcription and coding. The original Zoom recording is in MP4 format. When I load it, I get the video display in the workspace and it replays with audio but no video. I've tried opening it in QuickTime and saving as a .MOV with the same results. I've also tried saving it as MP4 out of QuickTime, again, same results. Anyone else having this problem and found a solution?
  17. Hi, I have accidentally deleted all code with all my information is there a way how to recover/restore it please?
  18. Hi there, Do you have any clarity on when the 'See also links' function will be available for Mac versions? It's really a disadvantage not to have this feature. Thanks, HD
  19. Hello Conwaypd, I could not have a chance to look at your project. However, the issue that you have mentioned is expected in projects where coders have saved query results since saved queries are also counted as codes. Therefore, please go to Search>query results folder, then delete all items. Hope this helps, With regards,
  20. hello, I am conducting a content analysis in a document.. The responses to my survey are single words that I can code one by one. However, there are many repeated words. That means that all those repeated words will be categorized in the same code. I wanted to know if there is a way to run a word frequency query and take all those words and put them in the same category instead of going through every single one and having to drag them into the code one by one.
  21. I am trying to drag and drop text from a transcript to a node and am having difficulty doing it with my Magic Mouse. Can someone who has been successfully doing this please let me know how they are doing this? This is so frustrating!
  22. Thanks -- this delivers a statistical coding comparison, but is there any way to quickly see the differences per data entry in a tabulated form?
  23. Hi Giskin, You should be able to run coding comparison query by following the steps in the link below: https://help-nv.qsrinternational.com/20/win/Content/queries/coding-comparison-query.htm I hope this helps. ^AK
  24. Hi I am coding tweets so have >700 data points each of which are coded at least two nodes (many have five or six). We are carrying out consensual coding so I need to go through each and work out which the three coders have coded the same for each tweet and which differ and need discussion. Is there a better way of extracting this information from NVivo other me than hovering over each node and seeing which users have coded it and then having to write that information down with, like, pen and paper!? Many thanks Giskin
  25. Hi, I was working on a project (coding a number of interviews into nodes). I autosaved throughout the day but the project hasn't saved properly. When I opened NVivo project again, I can only see my work from the previous week, which means that nodes only have a small number of interviews coded into it. I checked the recovery folder and there is a 'nvb' file there, but I can't open it. The software did not prompt me to recover the file upon the re-opening. Is there anything I can do to recover the work?
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  27. Hello Lauren, If I understand you correctly what you try to achieve is to have "scores" that represents some sort of scaling instead of actual numeric scores. If you all you need to do is to create additional nodes (codes) for your scores and code your data accordingly. For example: 1) Somewhat Negative 2) Moderately Negative 3) Very Negative ----------- 1) Somewhat Positive 2) Moderately Positive 3) Very Positive ----------- Hope this helps,
  28. I am working on a project where I periodically import PDFs to analyze, and when I do they automatically have a few coded references. I am having a hard time tracking them down and uncoding them. How do I uncode these and how do I prevent this automatic random coding in the future?
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