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  2. Hello again Farhad, 1) Nvivo allows you to select and code regions in a PDF file. You may want to look at : https://help-nv11.qsrinternational.com/desktop/procedures/basic_coding_in_documents_pdfs_externals_and_memos.htm 2) If your coding style consists extensive annotations, then I would suggest utilizing memos instead. A major advantage of memos is to be able to code its content. You may wan to look at : https://help-nv11.qsrinternational.com/desktop/concepts/about_memos.htm Hope this helps,
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  4. Hi, For my research, I'm using Ncapture to collect data from a facebook page as an Excel sheet. However, Ncapture doesn't charge all the posts and associated comments, about one year is missing. I tried several times and the results are the same. Has anyone encoutered this issue ? And is there a solution ? Thank you for your help. Sarah
  5. Hi JulianYates, NVivo for Mac currently does not have a Replace feature. You can search for the word in Edit mode (press Command+F or click on the Find function in the menu ribbon) but will have to replace the word one at a time. There is already a request for this in our feedback tool (https://nvivo.canny.io/features/p/find-and-replace-option), please add your comments and votes to this feature. I have also passed your feedback to our product team. ^BM
  6. Thank you Canarik, I guess importing pdf is a better option. Could you please help me address two problems bellow. I appreciate your time and help. 1. treating old articles (which are hard to select the text to code) like a picture; like in regular pdf readers when you can't highlight, you would simply draw lines with pen/mouse. 2. It seems like that I reached my annotation limit which is around 25 or so; if I want to add more annotation, it will crash. I tried it in different files. Thank you.
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  8. Hello Farhad, Nvivo allows you too create an external for any sources that you can not import into Nvivo. You can find detailed information below (It belongs to Nvivo 11 but still valid for 12): https://help-nv11.qsrinternational.com/desktop/procedures/create_externals_for_sources_you_cannot_import.htm However, regardless from your data type and research approach, I would not follow such a coding strategy especially for time efficiency and resource coherence. You can import your PDFs to Nvivo and code while you are reading, if you need to take notes you can use annotation f
  9. Hi there. I am using Nvivo 12 on a surface product, and as you probably know, it has lots of problems. Its incompatibility with high-resolution screen aside, it doesn't support pen and highlighting and commenting is not convenient. Right now I code paragraphs for highlighting and can't do the same for figures and tables. I was wondering if there is any way to link pdf files from my drive rather than just importing them, so I use any other pdf reader to do the reading and commenting while being able to see them in Nvivo and code whatever I want.
  10. Hi aarontimo, One of our Support Team members has replied to your support request. ^BM
  11. Hi BryceM, Can you please log a support request via the Get in Touch link on the following page so we can investigate this issue: https://www.qsrinternational.com/nvivo-qualitative-data-analysis-software/support-services/support-center Please include a screenshot of the error message you are seeing if you can. ^NB
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  13. Hi DayMan, I see our support team has been in touch to resolve this issue for you. For others who may come across this error, please send us a support request via this link https://www.qsrinternational.com/nvivo-qualitative-data-analysis-software/contact-us/get-in-touch so that we can investigate for a solution. ^NB
  14. Hi aarontimo, Please visit our support page, https://www.qsrinternational.com/nvivo-qualitative-data-analysis-software/support-services/support-center, and see if the available self-help articles are able to help. You can also send us a support request by clicking on the "Get in touch" link. ^BM
  15. Hi Hyj, Can you please go to the following page, scroll down to find the Get in Touch link and send us a support request: https://www.qsrinternational.com/nvivo-qualitative-data-analysis-software/support-services/support-center Please also include a screenshot of the error message if you can. ^NB
  16. Hi Canarik, Thanks for your help. It makes much more sense now. I'll give it a try!
  17. Hello Luci_2402, It is always the best practice to format your dataset (excel file), and collect your data accordingly. The most common format that Nvivo easily works is to put your participant ID on row so that each row represents a participant. Then put your variables on columns for both close ended and open ended questions. I attached a small sample file. Having your research data recorded in this format will allow you to benefit from Nvivo's auto-coding capability. You may get detailed information from the below link (I know that provided link is for Nvivo 11 but
  18. Hi everyone, I'm new to Nvivo and I'm still learning to figure out how to analyse textual data recorded in excel files. I've tried to import excel forms directly in Nvivo but it seems hard to code cell by cell. I can only code an entire row (maybe I didn't do it correctly). I'm now trying to save excel forms as tables in word documents, and then export them in pdf and finally import in Nvivo for coding. Sounds a little bit complicated so I'm wondering is there a better way to do this? Thanks in advance
  19. Hi everyone, I'm new to Nvivo and I'm still learning to figure out how to analyse textual data recorded in excel files. I've tried to import excel forms directly in Nvivo but it seems hard to code cell by cell. I can only code an entire row (maybe I didn't do it correctly). I'm now trying to save excel forms as tables in word documents, and then export them in pdf and finally import in Nvivo for coding. Sounds a little bit complicated so I'm wondering is there a better way to do this? Thanks in advance
  20. I am working on a qualitative project with focus group data. Each file in my project thus contains responses from multiple participants (e.g., the file "FG1" contains responses from 4 unique participants who participated in the first focus group). I created a case for each participant, and added a number of attributes (e.g., age, gender, level of education) for each participant. I then coded all participants' quotes to their relevant case (e.g., all of the times Annie spoke are coded to the case "Annie".) Then, I created analytical nodes (e.g., "trauma") and coded into these nodes di
  21. Hello Merve, Please note that data capture capacity on Capture extension is limited with Twitter's (or any other social media source's) data policy. Below you may find the details: The amount of data captured as a dataset by NCapture is determined by Twitter; this is because NCapture relies on Twitter's API (web connection to Twitter) to collect the data. Twitter’s API generally only provides Tweets from last 7 days. Depending upon how much data Twitter provides to NCapture, you may also sometimes see Tweets more than 7 days old getting captured. Please note older Tweets may no
  22. I need help running a report that shows the text references/case responses for a specific case classification, organized by code. When I try to run the Coding Summary by Code Format report, this shows me the text of the coded responses but it does not allow me to filter by case classification. Is there a way to do this? Alternatively, is there a way to run a report of the text references/case responses tabulated in a Matrix Coding Query? In the matrix I see totals of case references, but I'd like to have a report of the responses represented by those counts. Any suggestions would be appr
  23. I purchased a student version of NVIVO for my student and the invoice did not come with a license number. the instruction is that mynvivo account and password should be used to activate. however, the installed software is demanding a license, how do i go about this? QSR has not help me with my queries
  24. Did you find a resolution to this problem? I have been having the same one, for weeks now, and have not managed to get a response from Nvivo.
  25. Hi there, l am trying to import a 1gb Nvivo file from Nvivo for Mac (v12.6.0) to Nvivo 12 Pro on PC. The file contains approx 1000 pdfs that have been extensively coded in Nvivo. Initially, the conversion process seems to go well but then I get an error with a message saying to view the project conversion error log.txt in my Documents, which is attached. I have tried the conversion process twice with the same result. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Project Conversion Error Log.txt
  26. Hi there, I recently added some new records to my Nvivo file. It is a large file with approx 1000 pdfs/records that have already been extensively coded. I am using Nvivo 12 (12.6.0). I have tried running several searches for keywords using 'text query' on all 'files and externals' and I received some troubling results. First, when I rerun previous searches instead of getting the same number plus one or two more results (to reflect any new hits in the recently added records), I am getting significantly fewer (hundreds fewer) results. In other words, Nvivo is not picking up some o
  27. I am having the exact same issue with NVivo12 trying to import mp4 on a mac. From reading forums, I see that this issue has been has been ongoing since as far back as 2015 :(
  28. Hello - Last week, I imported 1000+ sources from Zotero into NVivo with PDFs for coding. I have since been going through the sources to code them. I just noticed today, though, that there are 1703 sources in my Zotero file, but only 1449 in NVivo. I'm not sure what happened to the 254 sources that are in Zotero but didn't import into NVivo. It is possible that I did something to shortcircuit the transfer, so the obvious first thig to try seems to be to re-import the RIS. But if I do that, I am worried about losing the coding I have already done. I am also not sure about whether NVivo wil
  29. I have Nvivo 12 Pro which does not autocode by sentiment. I created intersectional codes called 'Positive' and 'Negative' to manually capture sentiment. I am now trying to run a report which shows coded text filtered by sentiment. In matrix coding query tool this is simple enough however I now wish to pull the coded text into a report so that I can review all negative and positive usability issues relating to a code called 'Interactive reports'. Following http://help-nv11.qsrinternational.com/desktop/concepts/example_reports.htm#Themes_coded_at_cases only pulls in descriptions and no
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