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  2. Hi Tabitha, Can you submit a support request via https://www.qsrinternational.com/nvivo-qualitative-data-analysis-software/support-services/support-center/individual-student-license so that we can investigate your damaged project and try to recover it? Kind Regards, Bhupesh
  3. Thanks for your reply. To clarify, we were not doing simultaneous coding, it was sequential. What we had tried was to initially save the file to Teams cloud location and then downloaded to work on it, and re-saved with the edits. I also saved an archived copy of the edited file back to a secure non-cloud server location. This all seemed to work at first. However when a co-worker then downloaded the edited file from the cloud location, the edits (additional coding) was gone. I then went in to the server archive file the next day (which the co-worker hadn't accessed) but the new coding was gone there as well.
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  5. Hi James, It wouldn't be possible to show memo text in reports. It is also not possible to sort coded data from memos to bring it in front. Instead of writing information about nodes in memos, you could use the Description field. Description can be added by right clicking on the node, click Node Properties and typing in Description field. You can then generate a report with node name, node description and coded text. Kind Regards, Bhupesh
  6. Hello JDO, Putting a project file on a cloud for enabling multiple user simultaneous coding is not possible, unless you use Nvivo Server. You may want to re-consider not to perform simultaneous coding. If that is OK for you and your team, then I suggest you to set up a coding schedule for each team member. This way allows other members to continue coding one after another. One thing to remember is each member should first put their project file on their hard drive instead of cloud folder. Once they finish their coding or their time is up, they should save the project on their hard drive (let's say into documents folder) then paste and replace the one project admin saved in cloud folder. Such a routine will prevent unexpected data loss incase you have network connection issues with the cloud service before saving your work. Hope this helps, With kind regards
  7. Covid19 requiring remote work. Copied database into MS Teams so that multiple users could access/edit file. Initially seemed to work OK, but since discovered edited versions all reverted to original copied file. This did NOT happen initially. Tried to restore earlier version in Sharepoint but additional coding still missing. Had archived copy of edited version into a protected server directory (which is not directly accessible to NVivo during remote connection) but when copied this file into Teams for remote work it also has reverted to pre-edited version. Stymied how to secure additional work.
  8. Hi there - thank you so much for your response and suggestion of a file saving routine to prevent just this kind of situation. For now I'll just have to pull my socks up and get on with redoing my lost work.... Best! Tabitha
  9. Hello Tabitha, OneDrive or any other cloud service has a network channel between the folders you have selected to sync and your cloud space. In that sense, if you are saving your Nvivo project into a sync folder, it is similar to save your projects on a network drive. Nvivo Manual says that : "By default, if your project is stored on a network drive, when you save the project your changes are saved locally—the .nvp project file on the network is only updated when you close the project. To avoid loss of data, make sure that you close your project before you turn off your computer." It seems the unexpected restart of your computer preventer Nvivo to properly save your project, and as far as I know without a recovery file you can not recover your work. I do use cloud storage to store my projects ignorer to access them wherever I need. However, I do keep my active project on documents folder and move and replace the copy in cloud folder after I finished my work. I highly recommend a similar saving routine to prevent such unexpected data loss. Hope this helps, With regards,
  10. Hello Amjad, Nvivo for Mac can not convert NVivo for Windows projects automatically. You need to export your Nvivo 12 Windows project in Nvivo for Mac format, so that you can open it in Nvivo for Mac. With regards,
  11. Hello M_Sweigart, There is nothing going wrong. What you are experiencing is an expected behavior. The new version of Nvivo does not use license code to activate, instead activation process links your trial subscription to your mynvivo account which might take a while as mentioned in information dialog. You may want to try again a few minutes later. With regards,
  12. Hello Katherine, Currently you can not import directly into a set, since sets are not acting like folders, instead similar to containers of assigned labels. With regards,
  13. Hello, Since there is no dedicated space for the new " NVivo for Windows" yet, I decided to post my question here. I installed the trial version and initiated a subscription for Collaboration Cloud. After uploading a project as an administrator/workplace manager, I tried to invite users to collaborate. However I could not manage to invite any users. Frankly, help space does not contain any visual guidance for us to refer. Information page of Collaboration cloud says: Invite Collaborators and Workspace managers Workspace owners automatically have Workspace manager permissions in the workspaces they create. Invite other users on your account as Workspace managers or Collaborators by: On the Workspaces screen select a workspace to open it On the Add tab, select a user and the desired role. Optionally, Click Assign role. After I click Add tab, it opens the attached interface. However, "select users" drop-down only allows me to select my own account. Even I tried to search user via typing several options to add others nothing happened. I tried to enter other user's mynvivo login e-mail, Name and Surname, and institutional name that they used while subscribing to Collaboration Cloud. Could you please provide guidance on how can I add another user? With regards,
  14. Hi, I wanted to know if there is a way to import documents directly to a set. For example we had new transcripts to be coded that we wanted to add to a large project with documents that had already been coded. We wanted to create a new set to import these new transcripts so that we would know which ones had not yet been coded by separating them into this set.We could not figure out a way to import directly to this set, but only to move to the set after being imported to files. Thanks in advance!
  15. Hello, I have recently upgraded to NVivo 12.6 for Mac and now can't export project files in the standard .nvpx format so that I can work with my colleagues. Whenever I try to export files to upload to Dropbox they're automatically saved in .qdpx format and the only way that they can them be opened by other people in my team is through a conversion process which results in the coding and other features being lost. Does anyone have any suggestions here? I can't find a way to ensure that the default saving/export happens in .nvpx format. I've tried deleting and reinstalling Nvivo but that hasn't fixed the issue. Thanks very much! Jo
  16. Hello - I had a project open when my computer suddenly restarted. When it turned back on, I attempted to open the file again and a window informed me that it had been damaged and asked if I would like to try to repair it. It was unable to be repaired and prompted me to restore from a recovery file which I did. Unfortunately, the recovery file is missing about half the work I did and I'm quite distressed. Is there any way I might recover this work? My project and related files are stored on OneDrive, and I wonder if this has sometime to do with my problem.
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  18. I have been trying to activate my Nvivo for Mac trial version and am getting an error message that Nvivo is "unable to activate" my account. I don't understand what the problem is, because I have a registered trial software and am able to sign into the myNvivo portal. I'm in a bit of a time crunch, because I bought a timebound Nvivo class that I need this trial version to complete. I sent Nvivo a message yesterday, but haven't gotten a response. Does anyone have any ideas about what may be going wrong? I would appreciate any advice!! Thank you.
  19. Hi Akshay, one of the words in the phrase was included in the stop word list. The text search is now working fine. Thanks!
  20. Guest

    Ne< version update

    Hello, I bought nVivo Mac 2 weeks ago as I was told I could install the new version as soon as it will be released. It is released now, does anyone know how to proceed? Thanks, Emmanuel
  21. I've created a simple report that shows the coded text for selected nodes. I typically write a memo summarizing the node. I'd like to place the memo at before the specific references but cannot figure out how to do that. I've linked the memo to the node. I tried highlighting and coding the text in the memo. That pulled the text into the report but I couldn't figure out how to sort the report so the summary came first. I found the field for Code.Linked Memo Name but only allows you to select a single memo. Any suggestions about how to integrate memos into reports?
  22. Gunhild Nordvik Reite

    Importing document with coding attached

    Hello -. thank you for answering. I manage to establish a new project and export the selected documents into the new project. I also choose "nodes" for exporting, the are also exported, but the coding in the documents is not exported.... any suggestions ?
  23. Hi researchers, I may need your help, as I used to work on Nvivo12 in windows, I couldn't open the project using Mac. how can I convert the format please!
  24. Many thanks, appreciate your reply
  25. Stacy Penna

    how to select a multiple pdf topic?

    Hello You could try a text search and put in Method or Methodology. Otherwise you would need to code the sections yourself into the node.
  26. Hello You would need to create cases for each interviewee and make attributes for the different periods of time. That way you could ask NVivo with a Matrix Coding query to look across the times and coes.
  27. Stacy Penna

    Data harvesting

    Hello, You could try a text search with respect. Or try a Framework Matrice
  28. Stacy Penna

    Automatic Coding

    Hello Emmanuel At this time NVivo Mac does not have auto-coding with AI. You can auto-code by using a text search or by structure.
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