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  2. Hi Amir, You should be able to import reference from Mendeley in NVivo and link to the already coded pdf’s in NVivo Windows. Unfortunately, you will not be able to link reference to the pdf’s in NVivo Mac due to Mac limitations. However, you can try the workaround by importing the references and link to the pdf’s in NVivo Windows and converting the Windows project to NVivo Mac. Please see the link to convert project in the link: https://bit.ly/2zWOfDr ^AK
  3. Hi, I have existing pdf files that I've coded in NVIVO. I have managed to import their associated references from my Reference Manager (Mendeley). In the Windows version of NVIVO, I can easily link those references to the existing pdfs in NVIVO, but for some reason this doesn't work on MAC. Is it possible on the MAC? Thank you, Amir
  4. Hi Amir, Please see the link for more information on special characters and operators in NVivo below: http://help-nv11.qsrinternational.com/desktop/deep_concepts/special_characters_and_operators.htm?rhsearch=boolean&rhsyns= ^AK
  5. Hi, I haven't been able to find information regarding the operators that are available in the Matrix Coding Query: 1. AND: Does this operator mean any degree of overlap between references? (if so, how much? down to the character level?) Or does it look only for complete overlap between references? (i.e., identical references coded by the different nodes in the query). 2. OR: Does this operator mean references of all nodes in the query? Or does it means something else? 3. NOT: Does this operator mean Node A (row) fnot coded by Node B (column)? (in the sense of no overlap at all or no identical overlap?) 4. NEAR: How near is near? 5. Surrounding: what does this mean exactly? What is the exact measure here? Right before and right after a particular selection? A character before and a character after (with no overlap)? Does it have to be before and after? How far can it go before and after? If surrounding can mean references farther than a character away from other references, how far? 6. Preceding: Again, what does this mean exactly? Furthermore, in the Coding Query, what do the following options mean? "All Selected Codes or Cases" (does this mean AND?), "Any Selected Code or Case" (does this mean OR?) Thank you, Amir
  6. Peter

    Nvivo 12 for Mac crashing

    Yep, me too. Is there a solution?
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  8. QSRSupport

    import maxqda

    Hi Jenni, MAXQDA 2007, MAXQDA 10 and MAXQDA 11 projects (.mx3, .mx4, .mx5) can be opened (and converted) in NVivo. Please see the link for instructions to convert MAXQDA projects: https://help-nv.qsrinternational.com/12/win/v12.1.55-d3ea61/Content/projects-teamwork/open-maxqda-project.htm Regards, Akshay
  9. Jennimh

    import maxqda

    Hi, I can't find online anywhere exactly which versions of maxqda projects can be imported into NVivo 12. Could you please advise? Thanks Jenni
  10. Petera

    Automatic save preference

    I have added this to the conversation Save As, amod Casual Member May 14, 2016, however, on reflection this strand needs to be aired as a new topic... Hi NVivo for Mac Team Following the conversation of Save as... I haven't found a preference request for projects to be automatically saved. Have I missed this feature or might this be something to consider? Kindest regards Petera
  11. Petera


    Thank you for this opportunity to participate in this QSR Forum. I am a dedicated Mac user, however, am confident in a Windows environment. I am a new NVivo user utilising the tool to enhance my doctoral research in the School of Education at Waikato University in New Zealand. My research interest is the study of what are the connections and relationships between the digital divide, digital inclusion, tikanga (correct procedure, custom, habit, lore, method, manner, rule, way, code, meaning, plan, practice, convention, protocol - the customary system of values and practices that have developed over time and are deeply embedded in the social context ) and mātauranga (knowledge, wisdom, understanding, skill, education) Māori in the context of a rural Māori (the Māori are the indigenous Polynesian people of New Zealand) community? I am a Māori male in the age demographic of 60-65 years. I look forward to contributing to this forum in the hope of creating the best version of NVivo through the lens of a Māori 'Baby Boomer'. Ngā mihi koutou (Regards to all) Petera
  12. Much of my work is now cloud-based, specifically Google docs. When I travel I work from a Chromebook. Is an online version of NVivo being developed? Thank you for your considerations
  13. Petera

    Save As

    Hi NVivo for Mac Team Following the conversation of Save as... I haven't found a preference request for projects to be automatically saved. Have I missed this feature or might this be something to consider? Kindest regards Petera
  14. FYI for anyone else having this problem, the rebuild didn't work for me at first, but did after a reboot.
  15. I am quite familiar with NVivo and have used it for many qualitative research projects with interview data. Now I am using it for social media analysis (~5000 comments of varied length). I would like to ask what is the best approach to code the data where multiple codes may apply to a Tweet or forum post etc. I have collected Tweets, Facebook posts, forum posts etc and each is a different sources i.e. Tweets are a source, Facebook comments are a source, a forum is a source etc. So a source contains multiple rows of data. My question is how to code these and which is the best approach: Assign only one code to a comment? Assign multiple codes to a comment? Assign multiple codes but only to parts (e.g. a sentence) of a comment? Assign a code per sentence of a comment? A challenge is that the same code may be assigned several times in a forum post (e.g. someone may refer to the same phenomena in different ways in several different sentences) and I since I am dealing with a large amount of data I am unsure on how to best account for this so that when I do some basic statistical work the results make sense.
  16. QSRSupport

    Deleted File

    Hi, I have attached a corrupt dummy project with this email to help you recover the project from the nvb file. Download and save this file to your computer and then attempt to open it in NVivo. You will be presented with an option to recover from a project recovery file. Select your nvb file to recover the project. ^AK NV11CorruptProject(for restoring project backups) (8).nvp
  17. QSRSupport

    Viewing whole tweets in NVIVO

    NCapture should capture unto 280 characters in tweet when you capture tweets as a dataset. To investigate this issue you are facing, please submit a support request using the link https://bit.ly/2Fpkdxl and provide us the NCapture version you are using in your Chrome and IE b y following the steps below: NCapture - IE Open Internet Explorer. Click on 'Tools' (Alt + X). Select 'Manage add-ons'. Scroll down until you see 'NCapture for NVivo'. NCapture - Chrome Open Google Chrome. Click on the Chrome Menu Button (at the top right of your window). Select ‘Settings’. Click on the ‘Extensions’ button. The version is the number next to the word ‘NCapture’. ^AK
  18. CMick

    Deleted File

    Good Morning, I accidently deleted my project while conducting a synchronised back-up. I have an older copy in recovery file my but do not seem to be able to open it. Due to the synchronised back-up (which I now understand can cause problems) I am unable to open any of my other projects saved in NVivo. Can you please help? yours Caroline Micklewright
  19. Thanks for your response. As I mentioned in my original post, I've already tried linking a memo containing the summary to the source file. However, this method does not allow me to go directly to the memo from the references/extracts in the node view. If I find an interesting reference under a certain node, and wanted to know the context beyond that I can get from reading the surrounding paragraphs, I would first need to scroll up to find out from which source file the reference is extracted from, then go to 'Files' or 'Memos' from the Folders, then open the memo. It takes way too many steps, and is not very convienient. Similarly, adding a description for the source file in the 'document properties' would not allow me to access it directly from the node view. From the references/extracts in the node view, I can only access 'node properties'. Again, I would have to first find out from which source file it is from, go to the Folders, find the source file, and access its document properties...
  20. QSRSupport

    How to save the summary of a document

    The best way to store a summary for a source file is to create a memo and link it to the source file. Please see the link below for more information: http://help-nv11.qsrinternational.com/desktop/procedures/add_delete_and_manage_memo_links.htm Alternatively, you may also add a description for the source file by right clicking on the source, click on project properties from the context menu and add the description. ^ AK
  21. ‘See also links' are not available in NVivo for Mac. I have raised the matter with our Product Manager who collates all feature requests and prioritizes them accordingly. However, I am unable to specify if and when this feature will be available. You may like to explore hyperlinks, memos and annotations which are available in NVivo for Mac. Refer to the links for more information: http://help-nv11mac.qsrinternational.com/desktop/procedures/add_delete_and_manage_hyperlinks.htm http://help-nv11mac.qsrinternational.com/desktop/concepts/about_memos.htm http://help-nv11mac.qsrinternational.com/desktop/concepts/about_annotations.htm ^AK
  22. QSRSupport

    Drag and drop coding in NVivo 12

    We will need more information in regards to this issue as this is an unexpected behaviour in NVivo. Please submit a support request for using the link https://bit.ly/2Fpkdxl and we should be able to assist you further. ^AK
  23. QSRSupport

    NVivo 12 (Windows, Plus) - Export

    You should be able to export the nodes list in a hierarchical order to excel format. Please see the link for more information and steps to exports nodes below: https://help-nv.qsrinternational.com/12/win/v12.1.55-d3ea61/Content/nodes/export-nodes.htm#Exportthecodebook ^AK
  24. QSRSupport

    Importing Survey Monkey data in Nvivo

    Hi Marlous, This issue has been raised with our technical team and the issue is being fixed. We will have a fix for this issue soon. In the meantime, the work around is that you can login into SurveyMonkey outside of NVivo and export your results to Excel format. You will then be able to import the Excel file in NVivo. ^AK
  25. Hi, What is the best way of storing the summary of a source file? I have tried saving the summary of an interview transcript as a memo, and linked it to the source file. However, the summary stored this way is not easily accessible from the Node view. You have to first open the referenced file, then go to the linked memo. I've also tried linking the entire text in the source file to the memo containing the summary. I can open the memo directly if I'm in the data/files view (i.e. from the source file) by doing right click>links>open linked memo. However this cannot be done when right clicking the same passage/reference in the Node view. What is the best way to store the summary that can easily be viewed directly from the Node view? I want to be able to quickly access the summary when I'm reading the references in the Node view to understand the broader context of the data. Thank you in advance.
  26. Hello Marlous, I too had the same issue some years ago. Even though Google and Youtube were my friends, and I had to manually add the demographics and then I had to seek support from a professional for this step. The help that was available back then on the internet was limited. See the link below; maybe this may help? (I really struggle with these links and step by steps). Or if you have a NVIVO 'friend'. My university had no NVIVO assistance for its students at this time. Good luck! 😀 http://help-nv11.qsrinternational.com/desktop/procedures/import_from_surveymonkey.htm
  27. I am on the trial version of NVivo 12 (plus) for PC (Windows 7) and drag and drop doesn't work at all. I highlight text but when I try to drag it over to the node window it immediately un-selects. I've used every other version of NVivo and never had this issue. Is it a bug? Or is there there a setting that needs to be changed? Thanks.
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