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  2. Hi, You'll need to open one node at time, go to Reference View, select all the reference and code them to a new node. The new node will show coding reference without double counting multiple users. Another workaround is to run a Matrix Coding query between Nodes and Sources as the query doesn't count double-coding by different users. Kind Regards, Bhupesh
  3. QSRSupport

    Importing document with coding attached

    Hi Gunhild, You can export the document with associated coding and nodes to a new project(you'll need to manually select the document and associated nodes). Refer to the link below: http://help-nv11.qsrinternational.com/desktop/procedures/export_selected_items_to_a_new_project.htm Then merge this new project with original project. http://help-nv11.qsrinternational.com/desktop/procedures/import_items_from_another_nvivo_project.htm I hope this helps. Regards, Bhupesh
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  5. Guest

    Restoring backups

    Same problem. Why would we need to ask them for a corrupt dummy as they can develop a built-in system to do this? This is ridiculous.
  6. Guest

    Recovering a project

    Hi, I accidentally deleted all the nodes of a project and saved it. I want to recover it. But, couldn't find any way to open the recovery file. Can anyone help in this regard? Regard, Bibek Sapkota
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  8. Hello, How do I find total references for a code without double-counting when there are multiple users coding? I tried to follow the advice on the NVivo site of selecting all the codes in reference view but the select all command would not work. I want to be able to say "we coded for this theme X times in the data" and be confident I am not double-counting any coded data. Thanks!
  9. Hi, I'm a newbe to NVivo. I want to use NVivo when writing a review paper. I want to code a series of papers, and then summarize the coded text into a word document. I have made a test of coding a couple of papers. When I run a query on them I can get the coded text into a word document, but the query results do not include what kind of code - they just give a reference number. The only way I can think of to save code names is to run a separate query on each type of code - this would take a looooong time. Is there a way to run one query on all codes, but save the name of the code also? Also, it would be especially great to have a link where I could jump to the paper. Is this possible? Or, does anyone have a better way to summarize key points from a series of papers? Thanks, Vilis
  10. Just wondering if there is a way to generate a list - from most overlap to least - of nodes cross-coded against one that I have opened and am viewing references in. It's one thing for me to look at the coding stripes and see the other nodes coded to that same text, but would be great if there was a way of doing this more systematically.
  11. Hello ! I have created a project in NVivo 11 Pro and imported word documents. These are coded with nodes. I then saved a copy of the project and worked further with the original one. It turns out I «lost» one of the coded documents in the original and I want to import it from the project copy WITH the coding attached. Is this possible ? If not, do I have to do the coding all over again for this document to have it included in the original project file….
  12. I have the same problem as well, it is saying that the file format is invalid. I am waiting to hear back from QSR for assistance. I hope they can help.
  13. Hi Bhupesh, I eventually came to realize that this function/process already existed. best, BMY
  14. Are you sure you've got precise overlap in the Nodes? Matrix Coding is looking for the area of in the interview that has both codes applied at the same point - not just overlap in terms of same code in the same interview but at different parts of the interview. If you look at the Coding Stripes do you see the stripes overlapping in the same place? If so then it might be a question for Support rather than Community but if not then that will be why it's not working.
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  16. Hello I'm hoping that someone can help as I've stumbled across an issue... I have imported some PDFs and Word documents into Nvivo 12 (Mac version) and have begun to code the text within these docs. I would like to use the arrow keys to scroll through the document but Nvivo doesn't seem to have this facility. Instead, I am using the touchpad and scroll bar on the side of the document, however no matter how slow or carefully I scroll, the documents seem to jump from page to page meaning that I'm never sure if I've seen all of the text on any given page. Is there a setting I can change to make the scrolling function smooth rather than jumpy? Many thanks to all, Olivia
  17. I am trying to use a matrix coding query to identify areas of overlap between certain nodes. When I run the query I get the following message "the query returned no results" I know there are at least 3 cases where there is overlap the same person brought up the 2 sets of topics in question, so I guess there is something wrong but I can't discover what it is By the way the matrix coding query works just fine when I am contrasting nodes against attributes (It is only when I contrast nodes against nodes that the problem arises)
  18. Guest

    coding and word freqency

    How do I just run a word frequency search for a specific column and to create a node for each column, as the data set are survey responses.
  19. Hello, Is there a way to export references and group them first by nodes, and then within each node, according to the values of a given attribute? For example: Node 1: Value 1 Reference 1 Reference 2 Value 2 Reference 3 Reference 4 Node 2: Value 1 Reference 7 Reference 9 Value 2 ... Thanks, Amir
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    Restoring backups

    This is for QSR., Can you please make a dummy version of a NVivo project available for people to access when the have the issue of not being able to restore a back up to save ours and your time with having to email you and wait for you to email the fle to us. It is not possible to open the versions that appear in this forum
  21. Sounds like a job for Crosstab to me: https://help-nv.qsrinternational.com/12/win/v12.1.90-d3ea61/Content/queries/crosstab-query.htm?Highlight=crosstab
  22. I used the file yesterday but today when I tried opening it Nvivo is telling me that the file format is invalid. I've received this message previously when I've tried opening it within Nvivo (from 'recent projects') but always managed to open it from File Explorer. Now this is not working. I have my notes and citations for my literature review in this file so need urgent access to it. I've searched the forum and found similar questions answered by QSR but the solutions are not accessible to me. I am using Nvivo 12 Pro. Thanks,
  23. The Find function could be improved by including a forward and reverse button. Often I am searching, clicking the Find Next button and I will see an instance of the Find What term and before I know it I've clicked to the next instance. With no Find Previous function and when there are many instances of the Find term it is then cumbersome to get back to the missed version. Telling me how many instances of the Find term there are would also be useful, again as a navigation function. I am often using large pdf files with hundreds of pages.
  24. Hi, I am very new to Nvivo, just got the licence for Nvivo 12 a week ago. I am using it to compare competencies asked form candidates in a selection of job offers. I have more than 50 nodes (=competencies) I have created Attributes in Case classifications to specify the type of job the offer is looking for. I want to see how competencies overlap accross jobs. How can I do that ? Can queries be done between nodes and 4 attributes, each shown distinctly in the same diagram ? Thanks for your help !
  25. This still seems to be a problem in NVivo 12 for Windows
  26. Hi Alex, If you have cases in your project and each case contains all data for all questions for this particular case, you can try to run a Matrix Coding query with Cases as rows and the Codes as columns. This will give you a separate row for each Case and the Code, you will be able to see for each case, how the data is coded at each Code (A,B). Regards, Akshay
  27. I am looking in filter of crosstab Query. There are a lot of options but can't find any option to filter when "in the same Set" or "in the same Document".
  28. I have a rather difficult issue to explain. Let's take a survey with two open-ended questions. Both questions were coded using the same coding system: Code(A) and Code(b). I would like to analyse the differences in coding between the two questions for the same person: what the person expresses in question B according to what he/she expressed in question A. In other words, I am trying to create a matrix coding where only the coding concerning the same person appear: it is quite common with 1,2, ...5 cases, but with more than 100 cases it becomes tricky. Formally, if ID is the person's identifier, I want to creatre a matrix where: Code(A) x Code(B) for any ID(A) = ID(B). I thought of creating relationships manually between all cases to link ID(A) and ID(B) , but it's long (no way to creat relationship automatically from a table?) and finally I'm not sure what to do with all these relationships. I thought of creating as many cases as questions-ID. Then in the classification table, I indicate the ID, which allows to retrieve the couples. But after doing that, I am stucked. The workaround I found is to create this table of transformations on a statistical software to detect the most frequent movements from A to B. And then manually create relationships in Nvivo on these most frequent movements. But by doing this, I lose the interactive capabilities of nvivo. And if I get a set of relations between codes ("when there's that in A, there's that in B") but I still don't know how to display only the content where ID(A) = ID(B). Any idea, suggestions? (I'm not sure to be enough clear, both my english and my ideas are fuzzy )
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