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  2. Hi, Due to unprecedented number of support requests, we are experiencing extended delays in responding to our customers. We apologise for the inconvenience! We've responded to your support request via email. Kind Regards, Bhupesh
  3. Hi, We are currently experiencing issues with our NCapture extension on Chrome and hence, it is no longer available on the web store. Our technical team is working on resolving the issue & they will try to fix this sooner. Thanks for your co-operation. Regards, Bhupesh
  4. Is anybody getting responses from QSR? Are they in trouble? I have sent a couple of emails to customer service and have waited patiently for a reply. Crickets. Are they going out of business?
  5. Hello, I've got the same problem as above (NVivo 12). Can you please advise? Thanks!
  6. @rkb what did you do about it ? cause im having the same problem now.
  7. Hi Tommy, I have raised this issue with our development team for investigation. We were able to reproduce the same error you are seeing and it appears to be caused by the advanced search keyword options as some other options such as word OR word instead of (word OR word) did capture, however this will provide different results in the search. One possible workaround you could try is to run and capture the search without keywords, import the capture into NVivo and then export as an Excel file. This file can then be filtered in Excel before reimporting into NVivo as a dataset. Please note that while this has been raised with our dev team, at this stage I am unable to provide any confirmation on when this issue will be resolved. I hope this helps, ^NVivoSup
  8. I am unable to find NCapture in chrome extensions. Is this an error or did they stop supporting?
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  10. See attached photo. This is happening for all of my documents I have coded - when I try to view what I have coded, i see boxes instead of text. I have tried restarting the program, deleting the project and restarting, shutting down the software and starting over, re-downloading the software, all with no success. I have reached out to NVivo support now four times, also with no success and not even a reply. This is a time sensitive matter, so any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Hi All -- Did I miss something? I don't have the NCapture extension and I can't find it at the Chrome web store. When I search for information on the corporate page, the link to the extension yields the message 'page not found."
  12. We are refining our codes/nodes and rearranging and adding some. However, some of the coding stripes have not updated. How can we fix this?
  13. Thanks so much Canarik, this is very helpful. Your response is very much appreciated!
  14. Hello again SNak, Nvivo has the capacity of working with external data sources. However, it does not work as you described. Below link will be helpful for your to understand how it works. http://help-nv11mac.qsrinternational.com/desktop/procedures/create_externals_for_sources_you_cannot_import.htm The current version of Nvivo for Mac does NOT have the feature of creating reports to export "content" as NVivo for Windows does. Therefore, currently you can only export coded content for each code in text formats like word, txt when you view them in reference view. Nvivo for Mac allows you to export your matrix coding query and cross tab query results in excel format. Thus, you can use them in both Excel and Tableau. Hope these helps, With kind regards, PS: I intentionally provided help documentation link for Nvivo 11 for Mac because somehow I find them more informative than the current version's and the content is still valid.
  15. Hi Canarik, Thanks for your response. I suppose I did not word this correctly. If possible, I was wondering if NVivo would link to an external file, such as an excel spreadsheet, that could be updated automatically, or synchronized as changes were made within NVivo. From what you have specified regarding exports, however, it sounds like this is not possible. As well, for clarification, when I refer to exporting "content", I am speaking of direct quotes from the articles that have been highlighted. Thus far, I have only been able to export information regarding quantities of coding, nodes, etc. As for visualization tools, I was considering using either the existing tools within Excel, or through Tableau. Thanks again,
  16. Hello Tommy and Helen, Please note that data capture capacity on Capture extension is limited with Twitter's (or any other social media source's) data policy. Below you may find the details: The amount of data captured as a dataset by NCapture is determined by Twitter; this is because NCapture relies on Twitter's API (web connection to Twitter) to collect the data. Twitter’s API generally only provides Tweets from last 7 days. Depending upon how much data Twitter provides to NCapture, you may also sometimes see Tweets more than 7 days old getting captured. Please note older Tweets may not be captured, even if they are visible in your timeline due to Twitter API limitation. Hope this helps, With kind regards,
  17. Hello Snak, Could you please elaborate more on your question. - In which format you would need your coded content to be exported? - Which visualization tools are you planning to use? - What do you mean by "be updated real time"? (Please note that exporting is no different that exporting a picture from a Word file with "Save as picture" feature. Exported picture has no live connection with your original Word file. Thus if you make changes on the picture in your word file it will NOT affect the picture you imported before. Same rule applies to Nvivo.) With kind regards,
  18. Hello Philip, Annotating picture formatted PDFs is not support in Nvivo for Mac. Hope this helps, With kind regards,
  19. Hello Rosa MV, Nvivo for Mac help indicates that you can annotate documents, Pdfs, memos and externals. Thus you can not annotate JPEG data. However, you should be able to annotate a readable text format PDF after selecting the content and pressing Command+Shift+A. Hope this helps, With kind regards,
  20. Hello Arianne Reis, You can only auto-code structured datasets or text files by speaker in Nvivo for Mac. Hope this helps, With kind regards,
  21. Hello Sahana, What you see when you use coding indicators depends on your coding strategy and your coding density. However, I suggest you to use coding stripes when you would like to see what you have already coded in a specific data. Below you can see a screenshot from Sample Project. I utilized selected items function of coding stripes to see how much of coding did coders do with sub-codes of "Fishing industry decline". If you need to see the exact coded text for (let's say) "Due to tourism and development", click the colored stripe for this code and coded text will be highlighted for you. Hope this helps, With kind regards,
  22. Hi there, I recently completed a literature review, coding numerous sources. I have used some visualization tools within NVivo, however I was hoping to use this data off of NVivo in other visualization tools as well. I understand I can export some general data as excel spreadsheets, however is there a way to move the data you have collected off of NVivo, including the content of the specific coded material? Furthermore, if I change or update my NVivo file later, is it possible for the exported data be updated in real time as well? Any resources that anyone can direct me to regarding the ways in which data can be exported off NVivo would be greatly appreciated. Thanks~
  23. I do like the fact that Mac and Windows now looks and feels the same. I am able to use both with no real issues.
  24. I had purchased NVIVO for Daystar University two years back. Tell me, do I need to renew the license or it is perpetual?
  25. I don't think so! I asked a question about NCapture not working on Facebook a couple of weeks ago and have had no responses. I tried the QSR helpdesk and have had several random replies (after over a week) that go no way towards helping to solve the problem. It seems that the days when you could phone QSR and they would help there and then are well and truly gone. Very disappointed as NVivo is generally great. I hope you do manage to find a solution soon.
  26. Hello all. I just activated my student license valid only for the new version of NVivo (1.2), but I am cooperating with a supervisor whose institution only offers licenses for NVivo 12, and need to be able to share my work with her. I have the NVivo 1.2 for Windows and she has the NVivo 12 for Mac (with no possibility to upgrade). I understand that sharing projects from newer to older version is not possible, is that correct? Are there any options for us to get around it? For instance, could I somehow download and use NVivo 12 with my newer license? Alternatively, are there any other options for me to work in other NVivo or another program and then share the project with my supervisor who has NVivo 12? We don't necessarily need to merge the projects if that's not possible but she would need to be able to open the project I export. I would be grateful for a prompt response, thank you!
  27. Hi! I'd like to annotate PDFs with pictures in them (not text), as I'm working with photographed archive material. I have the latest academic Mac version of Nvivo and the annotate function is greyed out. Can I activate it somehow? Thanks! Best, Philipp
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