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  • How to (better) format your interview data By canarik

    Hello everyone, Nvivo allows users to import their interview data in various formats. If research data also has demographic information such as age, gender, etc. users will need to create both cases (to represent the participants) and case classifications (to reflect demographic attribute values for each participant). The next step would be creating codes for the interview questions. These actions would require multiple levels of manual coding before starting the thematic coding proces
  • How to protect your Nvivo research project By canarik

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    Hello everyone, Knowing how to protect your research project is extremely important in scholarly work. In this video, I explained Nvivo's built-in project backup and recovery features as well as my best practices of avoiding data loss, especially when you are using a cloud service as your data backup preference. For detailed information of Nvivo's project backup and recovery features please refer here. I hope this helps, Please share your ideas using "write a review" but

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