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    NVivo Use Cases: Share how you use NVivo with your research by submitting the NVivo in Action template provided. Complete the template and upload your NVivo in Action. This will help other NVivo Community Members learn new and helpful ways of using NVivo.

    NVivo Video Clips: Watch the short NVivo video clip to learn best practices for using NVivo.

    NVivo Research Network Recordings: Watch NVivo Trainers show how to set up a project, code and create cases and case classifications



  1. NVivo Use Cases

    Use the NVivo in Action Use Case template to explain your research project and how you used NVivo. This is meant to help other NVivo users learn best practices when using NVivo. Submit the template and upload it. 

  2. NVivo Video Clips

    Upload a video showing how you use NVivo with your research to help others learn ways they can use NVivo for their research. Below are some examples for videos, but please share others you find helpful.

    • Organizing project data files
    • Coding in NVivo
    • Classification structures
    • How queries help you analyze your data
    • Visualizations - charts or map

    Videos should be under 10 minutes in length.

  3. Research Network Recordings

    Links to Spring 2022 Research Network Recordings

    • Coding Spotlight: 15 minutes showing ways to code in NVivo followed by questions.
    • Project Set Up Spotlight: 15 minutes on ways to efficiently set up your NVivo Project followed by questions.
    • Cases and Classifications Spotlight: 15 minutes on ways to create cases and classifications followed by questions.
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