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  1. I am using the trial version. My supervisor is thinking to purchase NVivo 7 soon. I wonder whether the trial version gets the same auto coding function as the formal version. The auto coding function simply did not work at my pc. Your response will be very appreciated.
  2. I wonder whether the auto coding function works or not. There was no "+" sign at the nodes after I went through the auto coding function. Something else may need to be done, I think.
  3. Thank you Sue and Pat, I used Unicode to save and import, then things went all rigth so far. Thank you for your valuable suggestions! Sincerely, Chien-Ni
  4. Q1: Anybody has problem with viewing the the strips? I have around 30 sub-nodes in one single document. But Nvivo 7 can only show 7 strips at one time. I have to repeatedly go to the "view" function to select 7 nodes along my reviewing through the whole document. Is it an issue to anybody else? Q2: NVivo 7 does not allow me to manually save the project before I close it. How can I know whether it has saved all the recent changes? Q3: I tried to merge the files from another colleague into my project. NVivo put all the merged files into "Document." It was hard to move those file to a n
  5. Daniel, Does the trial version of NVivo 7 have the Service Pack? I want to make sure my old project can be converted to the version 7 before I purpose NVivo 7. Thank you!! ChienNi The first thing is to make sure you have installed Service Pack 1 for NVivo 7. If your conversion still fails, pelase contact the Help Desk. Kind regards Daniel Buffett QSR International <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
  6. Thank you Jen for your immediate response!! I have a survey file, originally in SPSS format. I then saved it as a spreedsheet in text form. In NVivo 1.3, I have successfully imported that file to my document attributes. But in NVivo 7 (trial version), I could not import the same text file to my casebook. Error message said that "headings are not indented with tabs." I tried to save that text file as "tab delimited" format, but still could not import it. Your suggestion is very appreciated. Sincerely, Chien-Ni
  7. Hello Jen. Have you tried to import excel file to Nvivo 7? Not as easy as to NVivo 1.3. Actually I have never succeeded in doing so. Could you please give me some suggestion? Sincerely, Chien-Ni
  8. Anybody has problem about importing text file to NVivo 7? I tried to import a text file to casebook that I have used for NVivo 1.3. But NVivo 7 did not accept that file. Any idea?
  9. I am using Version 1.3. I wonder if the current version has the function that we can do search among our databite notes.
  10. I got this problem, too. I then tried to save files in different formats to test which format can solve the problem. I then have fewer problems.
  11. Hello Sue, Would you mind giving me some examples of attributes that you will give to the node "Amy"? Thanks Jack
  12. Jen, Now I see the benefit of doing heading. Why my heading done in Word could not carry over to Nvivo? I used the Word function under the Insert Tool Bar, insert "Index & Tables" to insert headings. Anything wrong with that? Thanks, Chang
  13. Jen, I am doing the heading by Word. I tried the search function of NVivo to see how those headings make differences in the search results. I still could not see how the headings are helpful in any way. Would you mind telling me in which ways the headings are helpful? Thanks! Chang
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