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    Install Issue

    Hello, This has now become a real problem for us, we have been manually installing this software around campus when needed but this is not sustainable, especially as our campus PCs are re-imaged on a regular basis. We are currently rolling Nvivo 7 into the base install image to counter this but this is not a good solution and the people responsible for maintaining the base images for our campus PCs are not best pleased. One of my colleagues has dug a little deeper into this and believes they my have identified the problem. The problem with NVIVO is to do with the NVIVO MSI itself, not one of the other components. This MSI appears to have been authored so that, at some point, it carries out tasks as the current user, regardless of how the MSI has been run. When users do not have administrative rights, the MSI fails due to lack of rights. Normally, in environments where users will not have administrative rights, the administrators of those environments have taken steps to ensure that MSIs are run under a different set of credentials which have the necessary rights. NVIVO's MSI, by ignoring the credentials under which the MSI has been run, is deliberately circumventing the way MSIs are supposed to work. The problem should be easily fixable by whoever is responsible for preparing the MSI. This is not something that happens by itself; they will have to have written it to do this. They should know, from reading this description, exactly what the problem I'm talking about is coming from. If the problem is in fact due to some third party code that they have used without testing, they should find it easy to find the exact location of the problem by simply logging in as a user with minimum rights and then launching the MSI at system level with lots of diagnostic logging turned on. At the point when the problem happens, simply leave the error message on-screen and look at the end of the log to determine what part of the process is currently running. Just make things easier I have just done this myself, and here is the end of the resultant log: MSI © (04:FC) [14:50:25:562]: Doing action: LaunchConditions Action 14:50:25: LaunchConditions. Evaluating launch conditions Action start 14:50:25: LaunchConditions. Action ended 14:50:25: LaunchConditions. Return value 1. MSI © (04:FC) [14:50:25:562]: Doing action: QsrCheckNoActiveApplication Action 14:50:25: QsrCheckNoActiveApplication. You can pretty clearly see that it's probably the custom action "QsrCheckNoActiveApplication" causing the problem, because this is the active action when the failure happens and logging stops. (Although for all I know, once this one is fixed there may be subsequent others doing the same thing. We can't get past it to tell.)
  2. bjjgann

    Install Issue

    Hello The account is an admin user to all intents and purpose. And using that acount I can succesfully install a myriad of more complex software, such as SQL express but not Nvivo.
  3. Hello I don’t think this is strictly and Nvivo problem but I thought I would post here in case someone else has seen this behaviour. I can install Nvivo fine on a restricted access machine (i.e. public machine locked down) if logged on as administrator. If I login as a non admin user and try to install Nviov via Novell Application launcher (a pseudo admin account) I receive an error “could not load psapi.dll” I am assuming Nvivo uses this dll to make sure sql server express is running before installing. Is there a command line switch to tell it not to look as it is clearly having problems accessing the dll in a restricted environment?
  4. Thanks you, that worked
  5. Hi Thanks for the quick reply. We don’t have to authenticate with our proxy. Does this attempted activation leave a log file? Which port does it use to connect to the activation server in case we have something blocking that port such as a machine policy.
  6. Hello How can I silently activate Nvivo 7. The following doesn’t work. "%ProgramFiles%\QSR\NVivo 7\nvivo.exe" -a v:\nvivo7\activation\activation.xml <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?> <Activation> <Request> <FirstName>Brian</FirstName> <LastName>Gannon</LastName> <Email>bjjgann@liv.ac.uk</Email> <Company>The University of Liverpool</Company> <Department>Computing Services</Department> <AddressLine1>Chadwick Tower</AddressLine1> <AddressLine2>Peach Street</AddressLine2> <City>Liverpool</City> <State>Merseyside</State> <Country>United Kingdom</Country> <PostCode>L69 7ZF</PostCode> <Fax>+44-151-794-4442</Fax> <Phone>+44-151-794-3717</Phone> </Request> </Activation>
  7. bjjgann

    Nvivo 7 data loss

    We have had this problem as well and have had to recover from backup losing a days work. My colleague from the University of LIverpool has filed a request for service and has yet had a reply.
  8. bjjgann

    Silent Install

    Thank you this worked. For those interested these are the steps I have gone through to silently and reliably install Nvivo7 dotnetfx.exe /q /c:"install.exe /v/qb-" sqlexpr.exe /qb ADDLOCAL=ALL SQLAUTOSTART=1 INSTANCENAME="QSRNVivo" SQLCOLLATION="Latin1_General_BIN" CRRedist2005_x86.msi /qb ISScript1150.Msi /qb msiexec /i "QSR NVivo 7.0.msi" QSR_DESKTOP_APPLICATION=1 PIDKEY="XXXXX" /qn
  9. I am trying to install Nvivo7 silently but have hit a problem. The process so far is Install dotnet2 silently Install MSSQL Express Database engine silently Install Crystal Reports silently Install Isscript1150 silently (just to be on the safe side) Install Nvivo 7 silently Apply SP2 silently Activate license over the net. Everything works fine until I try and silently install Nvivo 7 using the following, as advised by the Network administrator’s manual. msiexec /i "QSR NVivo 7.0.msi" QSR_DESKTOP_APPLICATION=1 PIDKEY="XXXX" /qn at which point I get the following error "To run a silent install you must either specify a response file or override this event (OnMSISilentInstall()) and provide your own implementation. The setup will now end." Would appreciate any suggestions.
  10. Hello I am having the same problem, did you manage to find a soloution? This method worked perfectly with N6.