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  1. Actually... perhaps I just create separate cases, even within participants, and then handle with queries. Does (any of!) this make sense? For example: (Cases\Patients\001_Baseline, 001_3month, 001_6month) etc.
  2. With three interviews for each patient and provider participant at approximately equal time intervals (baseline, 3-month & 6-month), would like to evaluate coding over time within and across patient participants and provider participants who cared for each patient participant. If not clear, this includes evaluating coding for each timepoint across participants, as well as longitudinal evaluations within participants. My instinct is to use classification sheets, but would love to see an example if possible. Unfortunately, team unwilling to reformat all interview data for autocoding purposes so will work with transcripts supplied. Thanks! Maria
  3. mhondras

    Insert Date & Time

    NVivo for Mac v11.4.2 (2081). With a new Memo: attempting to insert date & time from Home | Editing | Insert --> Date/Time. Also tried shortcut keys [Shift + Command + T]. Both to no avail. Any help is appreciated.
  4. mhondras

    Simple list of nodes + definitions

    Is it possible to export Node Descriptions from NVivo for Mac? If not, do you anticipate this feature in the future... with an estimated timeline for this feature? :-) Thanks.
  5. Thank you, David. Yes, I can contact QSR Support directly.
  6. Coding References not imported because their sources and/or nodes did not exist in the open project or were not imported. I have modified the 'master' file since posting the shared file for teammate to code. Now, when I imported the older shared file, I see teammate's coding along with mine, but wonder what I am missing because of the Import Project Report status: "Coding References not imported because their sources and/or nodes did not exist in the open project or were not imported."