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  1. Dear pcb A project can be stored in a central location for sharing purposes. However only one person can open the project at a time. Kind regards
  2. Dear Brunno This error message would indicate that your Word document contains a table and there is too much data in a single table row for Nvivo 7 to handle. This is a limitation of one of our components and is often caused by images being inserted into the Word table. It also tends to occur when a web page has been copied and pasted into a Word document as this is often pasted in a table format with lots of icons and images in a single table row. You can resolve this issue by editiing your original source and either converting the table to text, or by identifying the row that contain
  3. Dear Caz There are many ways of coding so I'm not sure which you are using (coding toolbar, drag and drop, menu, context menu). Just be sure that when you have highlighted text, you choose one of the Code Selection options rather than one of the Code Sources option. They are right next to each other on the menus. Code Selection will only code the highlighted text but Code Sources will code the whole document, not just the text you have highlighted. In terms of your highlighting not updating after deleting a node, I have checked this and it is definitely working, so you may just want
  4. Dear Elena It is not possible to display coding stripes horizontally. However, you can very easily highlight the text by clicking on the coding stripe. I'm sure once you get used to using the coding stripes in Nvivo 7 you will find them just as easy to use as the NVivo 2 stripes. It can just take a little while to adjust to a slightly different way of working. This is normal when changing from one software package to another - it can seem unfamiliar but it doesn't take too long for the brain to rewire to a new way of working. The coding stripes in NVivo 7 are actually quite simple to
  5. Dear Mark You will need to log a Request for Service with our Help Desk and attach the error logs and they will resolve the issue with the user. It is probably best if the user logs the request directly so we can gather any additional information that is required. Kind regards
  6. Dear Quixote I think this may be a case of confusion over the message that the software has already been activated. I suspect the message actually said the LICENSE has already been activated and therefore the activation is actually failing. Subsequently if you click on the Activate Later button, the message to activate won't appear for another 24 hours so your tests probably happened during that 24 hour window. Please contact our Help Desk and they will be able to resolve your issue. Regards
  7. Dear Ryann This really needs to go to our Help Desk for resolution, as it is almost impossible to resolve an issue like this over a forum. Please log a Request for Service and we will assist you directly with your issue. We will need a copy of your project also. Kind regards
  8. Dear Helen The two-pages-per-sheet is a printer option not an Nvivo 7 option, and is not supported by all printers. If it is possible on your printer, it will be available via your general printer settings. Regards
  9. Dear chienni The trial software is exactly the same as the purchased version. The only difference is the time limit of 30 days. Autocoding definitely works, so I would suggest that there is an issue with the structure of your source documents. Check that you have applied the heading levels correctly, and if you need further assistance, send a sample of one of your documents to our Help Desk and they will be able to assist you further. Kind regards
  10. Dear Fiona We would really like to understand why you are experiencing poor performance. If you could zip up your project and email it through to info@qsrinternational.com I would be happy to take a look. Please mark it attention to myself. All data is treated as strictly confidential and not retained by us after our investigations are complete. Regards
  11. Dear joan24 Based on your error log I don't believe your project is corrupt, but I think their may be a data issue of some sort. Please log a Request for Service and attach your error log and our Help Desk should be able to work through the issue with you. Kind regards
  12. Dear Steve At this stage there is no method of saving your layout. We hope to introduce this in a future release of Nvivo. Regards
  13. Dear Evangeline You have a couple of options here. You could either create an Attribute called, say, Organisation and classify each Case according to the organisation, or you could create a Parent Case for each organisation and then move each Case under the appropriate Parent. I hope this helps. Regards
  14. Dear Alina You are correct that cut/copy and then pasting is the way to move Free Nodes to Tree Nodes. You need to choose the 'Yes' option when asked 'Paste as Tree Node'. Regards
  15. Dear Steve If you go to Tools>Options, there is a global setting on the Display tab to always Highlight Coding. If you set this to All Nodes, coding will be highlighted as you go. Regards
  16. There may be a temporary version of the file in the following location: C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Temp It will have a filename similar to project.tmp.nvp. Try opening this file. Otherwise, if you would like to zip up the file and send it in to our Help Desk, we can try and recover the data for you. Regards
  17. Dear Fiona There are a few things for you to try. Firstly, run a Compact and Repair on your project. This option is under the Tools menu when you are at the Welcome screen. Secondly, try enabling Plain Text nodes. This option is under Tools>Options. Thirdly, experiment with the settings for Large Nodes in the same location (Tools>Options). Let me know if any of the above improves your experience. Kind regards
  18. Dear Imagged At first glance, this error looks like a corruption of your project file. Can you open other projects (eg the sample Volunteering project)? Can you create a new project? If you can do both of these things, I would suggest the issue is with your project file. Regards
  19. Dear Lauren I was hoping some of our users would inundate you with all of the wonderful reasons why using Nvivo is better than manual methods. We have an abundance of information on our website about the general advantages of Nvivo - you can find further information here: http://www.qsrinternational.com/products/p...iew/NVivo_7.htm However, here are just some key benefits that hopefully others will add to: quickly generate coding using autocoding or queries find themes in your data using queries query your data and coding single project file that can be easily transported and s
  20. Dear mstidham You need to have the document open in the detail view and then use File>Print and your highlighting should print. If you are printing from the list view with the document closed, the highlighting will not print. I hope this helps. Kind Regards
  21. Dear JLL There are a number of items that do not get converted when you convert an NVivo 2 project to Nvivo 7. These include: Models Team member login information such as user names and passwords Team member named "Administrator" Node-to-node links Extract nodes Any background colors or text highlighting Further information is available in the online help, under the topic N4 to N6 and Early NVivo Projects. Kind regards
  22. Dear joan24 If you have coding stripes turned on, then you cannot edit documents. Once you stop displaying coding stripes, I think you will find you can edit your documents again. (If you don't have coding stripes turned on then please contact our help desk). Regards
  23. Dear Emma Is it possible you have coding stripes displayed? No documents are editable if coding stripes are turned on. Regards
  24. Dear Jaleh Once you have turned off the elements you don't wish to view, you can simply select all the text in the node detail view and copy and paste it into a Word document. Just click in the detail view area and use CTRL+A to select the text and CTRL+C to copy it once selected. There is no way of excluding the reference or coverage using the export function. Regards
  25. Dear Jaleh It is not possible to create subfolders in your Results folder. However, result nodes can be moved or copied to other node locations, so you could create a Tree Node called Results, and then create sub nodes and move your result nodes across to your Tree Nodes. Regards
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