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  1. I agree with Charlotte in the sense I also find that creating new relationships and accessing them takes too long. It would be great if: 1. Nodes to be linked could be more easily found on the Create Relationship window by inclusion of a search field; or 2. Relationships could be created by right clicking two selected nodes, in the nodes list; 3. In the relationships list, there was an option to visualize only the names of the nodes that are connected and not their whole path; 4. Relationships could be organised in folders and hirerarchically in relation to other relationships and n
  2. I am personally using a MacBook Pro with Parallels and Windows 7 and it works flawlessly. Within Parallels, I use a view mode called Coherence that allows your Windows 7 windows to appear like normal Mac OS X windows, which really integrates well with the other software. Being able to cut and paste across platforms is something really useful as well. Not sure how VMWare Fusion works, but I believe that both Parallels Desktop and VMWare Fusion are offered in trial modes. Good luck with that!
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