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  1. The use of video documents (such us TV Shows, Documentals, Films, etc.) in qualitative research is more and more common. Nowadays, it is quite simple to get the subtitles for those videos, for example in .srt format, so you don't have to transcribe the dialogues. I have tried to import text subtitles of a tv show I am researching about and it is quite complex and time-consuming: the import transcription tool do not support subtitles, because the supported timestamps structure is different from any text subtitle format (I have tried converting the srt to many others, without success). In sum, I think it would be great if you add support for importing text subtitles (srt is the most common format, and can be converted easyly from or to other text subtitles)... Is this feature difficult to develop? Thanks, Álex
  2. Kate, Thank you very much for your answer. Those are very good news! I look forward to that update.
  3. Dear Kate, Thank you for answering. It's difficult to say which features are more needed, because it depends on each researcher. I know some of them work often with multimedia PDFs, but I personally just need a good and reliable tool for managing PDF maintaining their structure and letters, and not converting it with strange results most of the times. So, can you anticipate your plans for that coming update? Thanks again, Álex
  4. At my University, in Spain, we do not have licenses of any qualitaty research software yet. Since I am one of the few who has used them, I have to propose to my University and several research groups in Humanities and Social Sciences which one we should buy. Nowadays I am using Atlas ti, basically because it has native PDF support, and I -and most of my colleagues- use a lot of PDF documents in my research. Nevertheless, Nvivo has many other features and I think the interface is better, so I would like to give Nvivo and oportunity... It would be very helpful is you could anticipate your plans for improvement PDF documents in NVIVO 9 in the announced update for mid 2011. In particular: 1. Would it handle documents in PDF version 1.5 and 1.7? 2. Would it handle properly special caracters in diferent languages -such as spanish "á" "é", etc.-? Thank you in advance for any information. This PDF thing is essential for deciding the licenses to buy. Álex