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  1. Hello - Another quick suggestion (not implying that its easy!). It'd be good if you could hold down the shift key to select a group of consecutive nodes in the "select coding stripes to view" dialog. I name related nodes so that they'll be listed together alphabetically, and it'd be nice to turn them all on with two clicks. This would probably also be useful in other, similar dialogs, but that's the only one that's on my mind right now. Thanks.
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    Hello Caryn - I'm no expert, but no one else has responded, so I'll give it a go. I would say that "sources" correspond to actual pieces of data. For example I have sources that are transcripts of interviews, PDF's of articles, and scans of pictures. These all may relate to a single person, but they're still irrevocably different "sources." If I understand your question correctly, I would say that it's probably best to think of your interviews as "sources" to which you can apply any number of nodes, or one classification. Classifications are a way to group different sources and nodes. So, in my example, I have a node classification called "Cases." You get to define the "attributes" of each classification. For each of my cases I have extra information about them like their ages, genders, jobs etc etc. I made an attribute for each of those things (I do it by right-clicking on the classification I want to add the attribute to). So each of my interviews is a source, to which I apply a node named after the person the interview is with. That node is classified as a Case, so that I can enter in the attributes I want for each person. Hope that helps. If not, there are plenty of more thoughtful resources in the official help documents and video tutorials. Sam
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    Sorting Algorithms

    Hello - I would like it if NVivo 9's various sortable columns (in the display of Nodes or sources, for example, or in classification sheets) was a little smarter about numbers. As in older Windows systems it sorts numbered items by the first digit like 1, 11, 12, 2, 3, 4 etc etc. I've taken to numbering them with leading zeros, but I import classification sheets from various sources and it's important that everything is named the same in every instance. So, if someone haphazardly labels something "Googaw - 4" in a binder somewhere, I need to keep that naming in my NVivo projects. Thanks!
  4. Thanks! Is there a place I should have looked to see if it was a known issue?
  5. Hello All - Working in NVivo 9, I organize almost all of my nodes in folders and Parent-Child trees. I've found that when I move a child node to a different folder it just disappears until I close NVivo and then reopen the project. I'd like to to be able to reorganize a little more smoothly. Anyone else have this problem? I'm wondering if it's a feature of the product, or if something's wrong with this project or my particular set-up. Thanks.
  6. Thanks for the reply. I realized the problem was partly with me, and partly with Parallels Desktop (which I use to run Windows program on my mac).
  7. Hello - I prefer to have the Search and Quick Coding bars off, and to use have the Detail view appear on the right, instead of underneath the other panes. Does anyone know of a way to set these preferences as defaults, so that I don't have to change them every time I open Nvivo?
  8. Hello - I've gotten used to using the keyboard shortcuts to code, but today they don't work (except for the "Code at Current Node" one). It might be related, or it might not be, but when I code using the toolbar it codes the whole document, instead of the text I have selected. This is true for Internals of PDF's, Word docs and Externals too. Has anyone else had this problem? Any solutions (other than sending it in to Tech Support?) Thanks,
  9. Hello - I've had some success using AutoHotKey to trick Windows into using the hotkeys I'm used to. I think it's just a utility to map any key combination you want onto any other key combination. So you could set Cntl+F1 to act like Cntl+F9, or whatever. It seems like kind of a bulky solution, but I didn't want to learn new shortcuts.