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    Hi there, I've coded several PDF files in NVivo for Mac version 11.4 and want to run a coding query. I've chosen the selected folder where the pdf files are located and have selected the coding nodes in the "coding query" window. However, when I click on "run the query" no results are reported back. What do you think the problem might be? Regards; Mehdi
  2. Hi there, I wonder if this problem got resolved and how since I've come across the same problem. I'm doing a literature review with NVivo for mac. I've imported journal articles in "Internal" and have put them in folders to of year (volume) and issues. I've coded each article using a coding scheme. I've also created "cases" in that I've added the list of articles in terms of volume and issues. I started a "matrix coding" and selected "cases" and a particular code (node) with the hope I get info. in each cell of the matrix. However, I got all zeros in the cells. Could you please guide? Thanks; Mehdi
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