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  1. Hi Bree I would suggest converting your excel to word with a tab or paragraph delimiter then import these to NVivo will be lot easier to code in 'chunks' and depending on the version of NVIVO you are using you may be able to use Auto-code function also. Good luck ! Jacqui
  2. I am running High Sierra on my iMac (as won't update as old) and Mojave on my MacBook Pro with NVivo 12 licence no problems with either since I have upgraded to NVivo 12. I would uninstall and reinstall NVivo?
  3. Hi morgan616 I have used both the WINDOWS and MAC version and unfortunately the iWINDOWS is far superior in terms of the bells and whistles, which it sounds like what you need for outputs if you were just doing the coding it would be fine but if you want to present data with lots of visual then go WINDOWS. I hate working in WINDOWS but on this occasion it is better. Please see other responses below. 1 CODING In my experience for coding and basic queries MAC is fine but sounds like you should go with WINDOWS version. If you are able to choose I would use WINDOWS. I much prefer working on a MAC over WINDOWS but when it comes to NVIVO the WINDOWS offers so much more. Also, please note, the option to spread coding in the results of a query directly is currently not available in NVivo for Mac. 2 CHARTS Windows better 3 QUERIES Of note the MAC version will be doing a cross-tab query which is good but not until next year I think. 4 MAPS Windows better OTHER The interface is different but you just get used to that.
  4. Sorry but my understanding is that Autocode only works on NVivo for Mac with survey data NOT transcript data unlike the Windows version where you can Autodcode using Heading styles with transcripts, it is yet another example of the mismatch between NVivo for Mac vs NVivo for Windows, this is why it is greyed out, when this happens to me I code my questions manually - which is a real pain - depending on your data you could do this or you could just start coding your transcripts and skip the autocoder step
  5. I am writing a memo and would like to be able to view my nodes that have been coded along side the memo - so both open - to be able to write up themes and copy and pastes quotes. Does anyone have a way to do this at the moment you need to click between the two document from OPEN ITEMS there is no tab as there is in WIN version but actually being able to view side by side would really help. Any suggestions or workarounds people can suggest?
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