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  1. In case somebody want to know what could be an interesting answer... I should have checked there before http://forums.qsrint...?showtopic=3889
  2. Hello, Exporting to a report? In NVivo 9, is it possible to create a report taht show the content (of sources) coded by selected nodes?? Exporting from list view? I know you can export html from the list view. Is it possible to export in other format (like in NVivo 7)? Is it possible to export in a way that you have parent and child nodes (not just one level)? Is it possible to export in a way that you have all the content coded by selected node in ONE file (Content coded sorted by node that code that content). Is there a way to export all the nodes AND the content coded by all those nodes? Thanks to let me know! Christian
  3. Thanks for the answers... I understand that this option was just removed...
  4. Hello everyones, Am I wrong or the option for showing coding stripes only for the selected part of the text disappeared in NVivo 9 (and was present in Nvivo7)? Is there a way of doing that?? Thanks!
  5. Maybe I asked the community too fast... I find a solution which would be to do an advanced find for all nodes, select all the nodes of the result of that find and aggregate them. (In case somebody would like an answer...!)
  6. Is there a fast way to aggregate all nodes from a project? Or to aggregate a parent node AND aggregating their children nodes in a same operation? Thanks!
  7. I'm really sad to see that IT IS NOT POSSIBLE to customize keyboard shortcuts... Working with keyboards instead of working with menu and mouse is an important thing for me... I understand that it is a big problem in upgrading to NVivo 9. I really don't understand how come this feature was removed...
  8. Is it possible to open NVivo 9 project with NVivo 7? Thanks to let me know!
  9. Hello, That's what I thought... Not the best... but better than nothing. Thanks!
  10. Is their a possibility to make a project available to someaon who doesn't have the licence? Is there a free version of something like "NVivo reader"? Thanks, Christian
  11. I read a post for QSR support from 2006 saying "Currently QSR has no plans to produce a mac-native version of either NVivo 7 or NVivo 8". Is it still the case? No plan, ever, to make QSR available for Linux OS...? (My opinion: I don't think it is a good company philosophy (political stance) to encourage Microsoft and Windows big monopoly and I think it is sad, because it looks like if there is no good native option for CAQDAS for Linux user) Christian (sorry for my Frenchglish writing)
  12. Is there a command for expanding and collapsing all nodes in the tree node view in NVivo 7? Thanks
  13. Thanks, Finally I asked my question here(http://forums.qsrinternational.com/index.php?showtopic=3880) and it ends in the solution you propose. Thanks, Christian
  14. Thanks I didn't realize this option of "merge into selected node" and I guess that's a good solution. But if you do that regurlarly you also need to delete the content of the parent node before merging to make sure some content coded in the past (and not coded anymore) doen't remain in the parent node. But yes look like a good (or maybe "not so bad" or better than others) solution! At first I was hoping (more than expecting) a better solution like the possibility of do some queries that would include content from child nodes. Thanks! Christian