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  1. actually i'm finding that 'pedable' is the better freeware
  2. one last point. if you want the time stamp, make sure to assign a pedal to 'stop' this closes the timestamp and moves you into a new timestamp
  3. Hi David, Thank you for your response. For anyone else trying to understand how to set this up, I have some additional suggestions. - download and use the 'pedalware' freeware. the software that came with my pedal was very limited in the way i could assign tasks to each pedal. this allows for more functionality. - in assigning keystrokes for each of the pedals, the pedalware software wouldn't allow me to enter the function keys. so what i did was i changed the shortcut keystrokes in nvivo to something the pedalware software would let me type in. - you can change the nvivo s
  4. I've read through some previous posts in which users were asking about using a foot pedal with Nvivo's transcription tool. The answers from QSR staff are fairly elusive and do not give a clear response. Can you please tell me exactly: - Can I use a foot pedal in Nvivo to transcribe? - The step by step procedure to connect my foot pedal with the software. I have found that the sound quality of my recordings is better in Nvivo and would prefer to transcribe inside my project. Thank you.
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