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  1. Hi, is it possible to create a simpler coding query and also visualizations of overlapping coding E.g., the explore diagram could be used to display all other nodes that are present in a selected node. this would really advance the conceptual development of an idea as it can show the presence and depth of ideas related to the selected node. Currently the only way I know how to collect overlapping coding in a systematic way for analysis is through a Group Query or through a matrix query, and neither include a visualisation. Thank you. Jennifer
  2. Thanks, this worked. I just had not found the twiggler tool to resize the window. Possibly the space issue was blocking viewing of additional rows. thank you.
  3. Hi, I am having trouble with the query window, the criteria sections, not having enough space to fit all slots and info in, and then the only way to seeing this info is to use the scroll bar. The window area itself cannot be re-sized, toggled. Even when I minimise the ribbon, this is the case. also found that if i was running a coding query, first adding criteria of 'any case where' I could not add a row in order to then add the nodes to combine with. There was no + sign. I had to enter the nodes first. thanks. Jennifer
  4. Hi a problem fyi - when editing sources (e.g., changing font colour to indicate something to other coders), the open Coding comparison query closes. I could use annotations instead, but prefer colour coding the text! thanks, J
  5. HI Bryn, yes, I think this is important too....it used to happen in very old versions of NV that at least paragraphs were numbered. one workaround that may be useful is: (before coding) add line numbers in Word save as PDF import the PDF (if you import the Word doc, line numbers do not import) Cheers, Jennifer
  6. thanks for this Rahul - I started the support query , then thought I should retry the process of conversion, and this time I selected 'related data' although it was not clear what that added to the export when ALL items in the project including sources and nodes were selected for export. The conversion was successful. Thanks for quick response. Jennifer
  7. HI I have converted .nvp file to .nvpx In the MAC file, all text in nodes has disappeared - text IS in the sources. The list view and the coding stripes also show that there is no coding. I converted with the convertor - the file size was about 34.7MB. Can you please advise? thanks, Jennifer
  8. It's true, can be very messy. Depending on my approach, I can have up to 40 'themes' that need culling, reviewing, merging, etc etc, as I search for intensity, or prevalence, or significance, and so on.
  9. Rahul, thanks for your reply... Both sets contain the case nodes for each country respectively. Each case node has its entire related interview source coded at that case node. For the group query, Items coding - scope, the 2 sets selected; then range - the thematic nodes. This aspect of visualisation really frustrates me, it seems one piece of logic I can never follow in NVIVO, if we have cases for detail and context, and then later comparison, why is there not facility to compare the coding of two nodes, or to visualise the thematic coding of a case node? There must be something I am
  10. thanks Kate, having just got back to this project, your work around makes sense and I understand the warning! have seen it before. regards.
  11. Hi, I am having trouble working out the logic of a visualization i wish to create. I have 30 interviews from two nations; i want to compare the coding across the two nations...."were the interviews from Country A coded at the same nodes as Country B?" I have tried placing the interviews in 2 different sets, running group query on each, but that shows all coding for each source in each set. So then I created a 'master country case node' for each, asked for the coding of that in group query. Ok. Could export to excel. But I cannot represent that visually in a model, because if I add a Node
  12. Hi, I would like to allocate 10 second time spans to a sequence of log entries in a video, for observational coding. I have tried a few different ways, but all clunky. including selecting the 10 second span on the timeline and inserting row. But this is very time consuming. Can you advise? Thanks, Jennifer
  13. one thing to bear in mind is the non-compatibility of QuickTime files in the 64 bit version. I re-installed the 32 bit for this reason. JSG
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