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  1. Hi maumassaro, It isn't possible to use text search query to find instances of ( . You could try using the Find function as an alternative - however, it works on a single document at a time. Regards, Kate
  2. is watching NVivo 11 take shape - it's exciting :-)

  3. is excited to hear what people think about NVivo for Mac

  4. is trying to discover what Masters level students want (and don't want) of NVivo

  5. is looking forward to hearing feedback from our Mac beta users

  6. is experimenting with different approaches to coding conversations

  7. is wondering what you think of NVivo 10, and what you hope NVivo 11 will bring!

  8. is back from maternity leave and enjoying working with NVivo users again!

  9. is eagerly anticipating the release of NVivo 9 on 21 October!

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