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  1. Thanks, Alan! I found that using Transana, if I make the timestamps visible and then export the transcript in rich text format, and then take out the parenthesis around the timestamps, the transcript and audio will import into NVivo with the timespans between timestamps intact. A bit time-consuming as a work around. I agree with you about the urging NVivo to support import from transcription formats in Transcriber, Transana, etc. It would be especially useful if the audio codes in Transana could be kept intact upon import to NVivo, so that the transcripts and audio could be linked to
  2. Also Kath -- for future versions, I'd suggest dropping the text boxes on the transcript, which seem to jump around the document out of your control, given odd numbering and ordering features. Just have a continuous transcription document with timestamps rather than timespans. That's MUCH easier to work with, in my experience. I lost several workdays trying to work with this.
  3. Thanks, Jacob! It's helpful to know that this wasn't just my fault on the clumsiness of the transcription tool. I've given up on trying to transcribe directly and farmed out the transcripts to a professional transcriber instead. She'll include timestamps, and then I'll just upload it to the audio. I'll look out for that problem in terms of coding to the uploaded transcript. So you're just working with the transcript as a separate text and linking specific audio segments to that? Ann
  4. Thanks for your reply, Kath! What I figured out today is that the easiest thing is to complete the transcription in Transana, which makes it a whole lot easier to add timestamps, and then import the transcript produced by Transana (with timestamps) into NVivo. It takes some minor reformatting of the timestamps (taking out the parenthesis) but it converts the timestamps into timespans just fine. I wish there was a way to do this all in one program, but I find transcription to be a whole lot easier in Transana, because it's just one continuous document. The timespan windows in NVivo make
  5. No one has responded so I guess there's no easy fix here. This is much easier in the audio/video-based program, Transana, which works with simple timestamps. But then I can't link to my other source documents. Please let me know if anyone has a solution.
  6. Hello, I'm new to NVivo on a 30 day trial, and I'd like to use it to work with audio transcripts of group meetings. I have a very rough partial transcript that I'd like to use as the starting point for a complete transcript. I've imported my rough transcript to the audio file, but it doesn't have any timespans. I need a timespan for each of the speaking turns in the group conversation, and I'm finding it terribly clumsy to delineate each interval on the audio file and assign it to a row -- the selection keeps disappearing on me, the audio cursor hops around, it's hard to start on the ne
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