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  1. Hi there, Has this issue been resolved? I suspect I'm having a version of the same problem. I started working on WAV files that were too large to embed in my project. I have now compressed them to MP3 to embed them in the project for complicated ethical compliance reasons. To update the file links I have been following the instructions at http://help-nv11.qsrinternational.com/desktop/procedures/store_audio_and_video_files.htm under 'Embed a media file in the project'. When I change the audio properties to 'Embedded in project' I get a message saying the file size is too large, and asking if I would like to choose a different file. So far, so good. I select the newly compressed MP3 version. For some files it works just fine, mission accomplished. For others, I get an error message saying "Duration does not match original file". I have no idea why this works for some files and not others. They have all been converted using exactly the same process and there should be no difference in duration between the MP3s and original WAVs. I tried importing one of the MP3s as a new document and it's duration shows in NVivo as the same as the original duration. I could just reimport all my audios as new documents...but then I would lose all my transcription and coding links. If there is any kind of work around to encourage NVivo to accept the compressed files as the same as the original versions I would absolutely love to hear it! Thank you! Helen
  2. Hi there, I've been using NVivo for quite a few years but am new to using it for survey data. Sorry if this is a bit of rookie question! I am about to start working with some Qualtrics survey data. I want to start coding the data while the survey is still open. Is it possible to import new rows of data into NVivo as more people complete the survey? In an ideal world, there would be away of avoiding duplicating those I have already imported and simply appending the new rows to the existing data source in NVivo. In an even more ideal world this would automatically code the open ended questions to the same question (column-based) nodes as their predecessors. I'm sure I can do a manual workaround by exporting the data to Excel, removing older rows, and importing to NVivo as a new source (with the potential to then merge nodes)...but I thought I'd check whether there was a more sophisticated way of dealing with this issue before I set my project up in a way that makes neater solutions impossible later! Thanks heaps for any suggestions. Helen