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  1. Hi Sameer, Thanks that is so helpful. It has worked and seems fine now. You couldn't give me some examples of the rich text format that NVivo can't render could you? Just so I'm aware of it being an issue in the future? Many thanks, Liz
  2. Hi there, I wondered if you could advise me on an issue we are having with a shared NVivo 11 file. We have a rather substantial node framework and many sources in our NVivo project. One of the nodes has stopped opening in terms of the 'reference' tab on the right hand side, and will currently only open for summary and text options. I just wondered if you knew why this might be and how to get back the information for the reference tab? At the bottom, it says there are 24 sources and 128 references coded to this node, but when you open the reference tab it just shows as blank (with the data still in the text and summary tabs, although sometimes making the project crash). Any help would be much appreciated. Kind regards, Liz
  3. Hi Sameer, That's really helpful, thank you. Kind regards, Liz
  4. To whom it may concern, I am currently coding collaboratively in a team using NVivo 11 and experiencing many problems related to the file being corrupt and loosing quite a lot of coding work in the process. It's not a massive file (24,640 KB) and we can't work out what is causing it to be so troublesome. I've worked with NVivo for quite a few years and never experienced this. I wondered if you could advise on whether there are certain prevention methods to guard against corrupted files, except for our current process of saving a new file every time we work on it and saving the file we work on at least every 15 minutes. Any advice would be very much appreciated. Kind regards, Liz
  5. Hi Heather, That's brilliant, thanks for your help. I've tried this and I'm not getting any nodes at all. I think it's because of our node structure being: Coherence (0 coding) I Differentiation (0 coding) I Question 1 (many codes); Question 2 (many codes); Question 3 (many codes); etc I have therefore added manually in the filter stage, all questions under filter: Node.Hierarchical Name, based on your advice, although am I right in thinking there's an easier way to do this with 'aggregate'? Only problem is I can't work out how and where to use it! I've tried a few times to no avail. I promise this is my last question!! Many thanks again, Liz
  6. Hi Heather, I've given that a go and it comes out as attached. Sorry to keep asking questions, I think I'm nearly there with it now but it's a little illegible. It'd be great to just have the nodes and coded text, do you know how I might be able to get this? Many thanks, Liz
  7. Hi Heather, That's so helpful, thank you very much. Kind regards, Liz
  8. Hi Heather, Many thanks for your help. Sorry I didn't make this clear before, I was trying through the method you recommended and I was getting a little confused given the array of many different options. I ended up using the query tool 'coding' to find all content coded under a certain set of codes for a chosen source. Can you see any issues with approaching it this way? Kind regards, Liz
  9. Hi there, I just wondered if anyone could tell me how to create a report in NVivo when there is a large framework and many different sources. We are looking to only create a report for one of these sources and one overarching node, 'Coherence' (with many smaller nodes). I'd appreciate any advice you could give! Kind regards and many thanks, Liz
  10. Hi there, I just wondered if there was a simple way of removing the 'shadows' under each connector on a model (node tree) in NVivo 10? Any help would be very much appreciated. Many thanks, Liz
  11. This really helps, thank you very much Jun, I am sorry for the delay in my reply. Kind Regards, Liz
  12. Hi there, It's a rather simple question; I just wondered if there was a way to view a source with only the nodes coded to this particular source? I have found a way of creating a bar chart with a source's related nodes, so that to me implies there's a way of creating a tab with the same information? Any help would be much appreciated, Liz
  13. Yes, thank you Mark. That's very helpful. Liz