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  1. Hi, I'm trying to install nvivo10 on windows 8. It is crashing trying to install the microsoft sql servers. I attempted to download the indicated two SQL files from microsoft, which indicated these are not compatible with Windows 8. I have tried this multiple times (uninstalling/redownloading/reinstalling), each time with exactly the same result. Cheers Deb
  2. Hi, I have seen that a number of people are having trouble with audio/video transcripts. When I highlight parts of 'content' then code to a new node, the entire transcript is coded to that node. The program takes about 20 seconds to apply it, then I just have to undo it again. How do I stop if from doing this? Steps: 1) highlight part of a content cell 2) use keyboard shortcut to bring up code at new node window 3) press enter. I'm not sure why i'd ever want to code an entire transcript to one node? Help!
  3. Dear Kath (and David) Thanks very much - is it possible it was a version issue? I was using 8, but since seeing your screendump, after the lovely David Tran fixed up my user problems, I followed the same instructions on version of 9, and it worked. Sorry about the delay - it seems there was a problem with email notification, which has hopefully been fixed Cheers deb
  4. Hi there, Thank you so much for this information - I was despairing of ever being able to code comprehensively in transana, but Nvivo is too expensive for me to get a copy for my transcriber. However, I'm having problems importing the transcripts as described - my time stamps are not being recognised (into Nvivo 8). I've pasted an extract of my transcript, which is in a .rtf doc, in case that helps identify the problem. Help greatly appreciated. Deb 0:00:06.2 ¤<6160> *****Melen's group playing Reef Game. Audio is either absent or spotty, until ¤<499040> * 0:08:
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