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  1. The problem seems to be solved! I have downloaded the SP1 again and it is installing fine. I think that the first time I did it, the file was corrupted. I was just frustrated as I was downloading from a wireless and so it took 2 hours to do and then did not work. No problem with the re-download!
  2. I have tried to install the new NVIVO8 SP1 but am having no success. I double click on it and the installation process starts up for about 4 seconds before suddenly stopping. The message reads that there is some problem with Windows Installer and something about a Package. Do I need a newer version of Windows Installer? Should this not just install automatically by double clicking? Am I missing something that is not installed properly? If anyone else is having a similar problem, I would like to hear about it. Cheers.
  3. I just picked up NVIVO8 today and have not had much of a chance to use it. Interface looks great and the features are all very desirable. One of the most exciting features is the ability to import PDF files directly. With so many government documents on the web in PDF format, I was really looking forward to this. I also liked the idea of importing photos, video and sound files directly as well. However, I have tried to import 3 different PDF files - admittedly rather large but not huge - and NVIVO8 has crashed each time. I was able to import a small PDF but larger sized documents crashed the program. I also tried to import a photo two different times and it crashed as well. In the bottom left hand corner, where the bar saying how much of the job has been completed is located, each time it crashed and that read 78%. I am using it on a Windows Vista machine and I have to say that it is much faster and just feels more stable than NVIVO7. If this bug can be fixed this is going to be great. I would like to hear if there are any other users with a similar problem. The main reason I upgraded was to make use of these functions so I hope this can be fixed quickly. Or, perhaps it is my machine...?