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  1. Hello Bhupesh, I just sent you an email to work out how to get the audio files to you. Cheers! Darren
  2. Hello Bhupesh, Thank you for your reply. Thank you for the details about the MOV file still remaining a MOV even the extension is changed to MP3. The issue here, as I explained above, I used the SAME IC recorder for both audio files. I used iTunes to reduce the quality of audio so I could embed the files in the Nvivo Project (not as a link) one straight after another. YET, one MP3 file is recognized as an MP3 file that can be imported, the other not. I am not sure what the issue is here. But this may have to be passed onto the technical staff as well. Recognition of more codecs
  3. Hello Rosaleenhow & Bhupesh, Thank you very much for the workaround. I came across this problem just now and this workaround has been a major help. At the same time, as others have pointed out, it is very strange that Nvivo for Mac is selectively able to import some mp3's and not others. For instance, I have two mp3 files recorded on the same IC recorder. Since I wanted to embed the mp3 files into the project (not as a link), I used iTunes on both files to reduce the size. Both mp3 files were under 40MB. One was able to be imported as an mp3 file, the other I had to convert t
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