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    law and financial development; social investment and sustainability; informal institutions; entomophagy, and CAQDAS.
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    Researcher - Social Impact Management
  1. Dear Jonathan7176, thanks for sharing your findings. I tried it, and yes, it worked! Anyway, I hope QSR restore that function in the simpler way it used to be. Dear Shahed, if you are using Nvivo 11, you can search for text in annotations by following the steps suggested by Johathan7176 on September 25, 2017: Go to the menu 'QUERY'. Select 'Compound'. A dialogue box will be displayed, where you will see the fields you will need to complete for 'Subquery 1' and 'Subquery 2'. In both subqueries, keep the default option: 'Text Search Query'. Click the button 'C
  2. I am very surprised to find out that the option to search for text in Annotations was removed.This feature has been particularly useful in different research team projects over the past years. I actually have been using 'NVivo 11 Plus' for several months now, I just happened to need that feature today. I would really like to see the functionality put back too.
  3. I experienced the same technical problem when merging NVivo 10 projects some months ago. The issue happened with NVivo PDFs, and NVivo Docs, containing text only (basic documents, without tables or images), and annotations. After corroborating with QSR Technical support that the way we followed to merge the projects was correct, QSR Tech support further investigated and suggested the issue was due to inconsistencies in the documents. To fix those inconsistencies we also used Diffchecker. The inconsistencies were not detectable without that type of software (to us, the documents were identical)
  4. Dear Choran 'Sets' and 'Classifications' are two different items in NVivo 9. You will find Sets in the 'Collections' section (See the Navigation view) below 'Classifications'. Hope that helps. Best wishes! Oscar
  5. Hi Can ARIK, Thank you for your suggestion. Much appreciated. I tried Zotero in 2007 and tried last year again. It is one of the preferred options for some colleagues of mine who do not use Internet Explorer. I have not tried the standalone version (3.0) but I understand that it is not fully compatible with Internet Explorer. I have no plans to stop using IE, so that seems to be a problem. However, I will keep an eye on further integration of Zotero and similar tools with NVivo and will not hesitate in exploring new solutions. On the other hand --and more fundamentally-- I do not w
  6. I was wondering if NVivo10 is going to include the capability to directly import/export from/to OneNote. I noticed that Evernote is already included in the recent announcement of the forthcoming release to the public but no mention to OneNote. Since Onfolio (Academic & Scientifi edition) was removed from the market following its acquisition by MicroSoft, I have not found a suitable equivalent (one that, for example, works directly with bibliographic software such as EndNote). I have been using OneNote for my research during the past three years and it would be wonderful news for me if
  7. I agree. If NVivo could automatically import AND export from/to Word the information in 'comments' (for example, as suggested, in the form of annotations) that would be helpful. Similarly, the information in headers (which in many cases could be transferred to/from the 'description' field of documents) and footers, especially if the user is given the option to import/export that type of information.
  8. I totally agree with David: Many congratulations to the team of QSR International for the recently released NVivo 9.1 All the PDFs that were not being properly imported with previous versions look excellent now!! This is already helping me with an ongoing project whose core data consists of PDFs. Absolutely oportune for that project!
  9. Dear all, I just found the solution to my problem: It works after I downloaded QuickTime's latest version (7.5). Oscar
  10. I have followed the directions to copy pictures from videos. I can create the file in the internal folder but the image is not shown. The frame comes simply in black. I tried first with my own projects and then with the Volunteering project with the same outcome. Any suggestions will be appreciated, Oscar
  11. I am a new user of NVivo. After having installed NVivo 7 my computer crashes every time I attempt to search for files/folders using the Windows Explorer. As soon as I activate the searcher I receive the following error box: "Windows Explorer Windows Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience. If you were in the middle of something, the information you were working on might be lost. Please tell Microsoft about this problem. We have created an error report that you can send to help us improve Windows Explorer. We will treat this as
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