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  1. Hi All, Has anyone managed to prevent the full tree node from closing after you have coded to it? I like to use the drag and drop method but when you are coding a lot of text using this method, the tree continues to close after coding and it is so annoying !! It seems to only do this at the bottom of the tree, does anyone else have this problem? And if so, has anyone found a solution?
  2. I also have this problem, the fact that N7 is so efficiant in closing nodes is very frustrating, I also us the coding toolbar and right detail view but agree that coding by dragging is most efficent and agree that the closing of nodes is incredibly frsutrating ! Does anyone know if Service Pack 3 will resovles this issue? Jacqui
  3. Brilliant Sue, Thanks for the quick reply ! Cheers Jacqui
  4. Hi I am in the process of imorting an attributes table from SPSS into N7. I have dont this succesfully before but the current dataset and attributes table is very large and has some missing data in it - I wanted to avoid having to troll through 1000's of cases to replaces missing data with some kind of text and just leave them blank or missing. Will I need to select a partilcuar 'unassigned value format' from the drop down menu to ensure it treats msissing data? Thanks in advance ! Jacqui
  5. Thanks again Daniel, we have just loaded the SP2 last week so hopefully will have no more problems.
  6. Daniel Thanks for the advice and I will have a look at other posting, we have been coding in seperate copies of the project anyway until I was clear on best way forward so your advice fits with what we have done more or less. Thanks for getting back to me. Jacqui@TP
  7. This is a wish more than anything. Having used N7 for the past couple of months on two different projects I am now at a stage where I would like to do more comprehensive exploration of data with relationships, models and queries etc Having attended the initial training for N7 I know that we touched on this but I was wondering if there would be opportunity to attend for more advanced or follow up training once you have mastered the basics. I have looked at the HELP which I used extensively and it is very clear but it is more about thinking about how you get to that place with your data, ho
  8. Daniel We uploaded the service pack today and since then I have been working on a copied version of the product with a new name so that multiple researchers can code simaltaneously, just know I was trying to adjust margins in the nodes sections as I was coding within nodes and have been since 3pm today. As Shannon expereinced, I received the fatal error and I thought dont panic I have been saving every 5 mins since 3pm. Guess What ! All gone, cannot located the lates copy only the 3pm version. If we are saving I dont undesrtand why this occurs. There is an error log but I need to got through
  9. Hello All Need some advice on coding... We need muliptle researchers coding on the same project at the same time. What is the safest way to do this? At the moment the project is located on a shared drive, should we create a back up copy and move this and then later merge with the original once coding is completed? Jacqui
  10. Daniel That worked !!! So easy when you know how. Thanks heaps. Jacqui
  11. Hi Daniel Thanks for the advice I will give this a go ! Jacqui
  12. Hello All I have been trying wihtout success to import SPSS data into N7. I have saved the files as tab delimited and left the corner cell blank. I have copied into excel, word and note pad and even entered variables manually in excel. When I select import casebook, go thought the options and select Ok I get an error message something like: The data file (name of file) cannot be succesfully parsed. Addictional Information (Heading are not indented with a tab) I have tried chaing heading etc and tabing throuhg the table but not helping. Any suggestions? J
  13. When I use the coding toolbar to code the drop down selection no longer has my most recently coded heading nodes? I have tried to customise the toolbar but it has not made any difference. Does anyone know how to restore the coding toolbar to include recently coded nodes?
  14. Hi All, I have been coding with N7 for three days and it crashes on average every 10 mins even though I save often I am still loosing data - any suggestions? ALSO When I try to drag & drop the text from the transcripts is moving and rearranging the text - thank god for undo - but I dont feel confident in N7 that I am actually coding data correctly. FINALLY - Can you copy any of N7 back to NVivo2 just for the coding phase? Its seem to be a great program with lots of potential but so many gliches. JacquiC@TP
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