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  1. I just started using N7 after having used N6 for awhile. I'm shocked that one of my favorite features - printing coding stripes - is not available. I'm please to read in the thread that there are plans to correct this. I hope that happens soon - it is one of the most useful parts of the program.
  2. Pat, I'm still confused. Should I therefore always have the document in read-only format when I'm coding? Will I still be able to code if it's read-only? Thank you.
  3. I'd like to know about this too. I've tried to view coding stripes, but I'm told to select which 7 stripes I want to view. That limitation diminishes the value of having coding stripes in the first place.
  4. I'm not having problems with crashing. But I am having a problem when I block text to code it, the formatting does shift at times - I'm not sure whether or not I'm losing text, so I also use the undo command. This has happened enough times that when I read jacqui's post, I realized I had been having the same problem.
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