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  1. Thanks for the feedback Mitja - I'll check in with the dev team to see if this is on their radar.
  2. Hi Paul - I like your emoji-enhanced screen grab This is great feedback that the dev team can use to prioritise their work - I'll be sure to pass it on.
  3. Thanks for the feedback Paul - you're right, the Contact Methods could do with some updating. I'll ask our forum administrator to take a look at this.
  4. Hi Francois - you could save the page as a PDF and then import it into NVivo. I think you'll need the 'Save as PDF' Add-on for Firefox.
  5. Hi Jennifer, Yes, I see what you mean and I'll pass your feedback to the dev team. I'm trying to think of other ways to visualize the overlap: Open a node and display coding stripes to see which other nodes code it Chart a node's coding to see the other nodes and percentage coverage Chart the results of a node matrix to see the overlap Are any of those options useful to you? Kath
  6. Hi docleo So you want to run text searches and make new nodes based on the results? For example, search for 'water' and gather all matches in a new node called 'water'? You don't have to set-up the node structure first (although you can if you want). Here's an approach you could take: 1.Create a text search query. 2.Enter the text you want to search for (water) 3.Click the little drop-down arrow next to the Run Query button and choose Run and Save Results 4.Change the location for the new node to the Nodes folder (rather than Results) 5.Give the node a name (Water) 6.Click OK
  7. Thanks for the suggestion kiwiresearcher - I'll raise it with the development team. It would really help if you could give us a scenario - do you want to see child folders in the list view when you click a parent folder? Would aggregate folders help when you're running queries?
  8. Hi rdl, Thanks for your feedback - you've actually uncovered a defect. The coding stripes should return to the previous setting when you exit out of Edit mode - the dev team will investigate this. Cheers, Kath
  9. Thanks for providing some context around that - it's very helpful. I'll take this to the dev team and get back to you.
  10. Hi Walter - thanks for your feedback. We really do appreciate it. Our analytics showed that this feature was used by a very small portion of users - but it's obviously important to you. It would be great if you could give a quick description of how you use this feature and explain its importance - this gives the team more context and helps them to prioritise their work. Cheers, Kath
  11. Hi there - thanks for these detailed suggestions - very helpful I'll pass them onto the dev team.
  12. Hi Julian - again, your feedback is really appreciated. I'll pass this on to the devs.
  13. Hi Youri - thanks for the feedback - I can see how page numbers would be useful in a textual analysis. I'll pass this on to the dev team
  14. Kath McNiff

    Save As

    Hi amod - you can copy the project file to make a backup but I can how Save As might be a better option I'll pass this onto our dev team - thanks for the feedback.
  15. Hi Julian - I've passed this issue onto our development team. Thanks for the feedback - it really helps the dev team to prioritise their work.
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