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  1. Hi Jane I would be interested in knowing the nature of the reports that you are trying to put together for your manager. What type of content it is. What is the purpose of the reporting. And how you would ideally like to show or report on the data. Any information you can share with us would be a great help. Thanks Jason
  2. Hi Janina, You could try to use the Matrix Coding Query to achieve what you've describe. You would build a matrix that would have Green as your row and Yellow, Red, Blue as your column. The intersect will show you the number of coding references. Also see this video Hope that helps. Cheers Jason
  3. Hi Blanca What version of NVivo are you using? Just asking as this is the NVivo 10 and 9 thread. If you are using NVivo 11 Plus and you have completed the Auto coding for Sentiment, you can select the text you wish to change the sentiment for, right click to bring up the context menu, you will then see an option to Change Sentiment. You can then choose either a positive or negative sentiment, or you can choose neutral (which will uncode the reference). Hope that helps. Jason
  4. Hi Darren Thanks for all your feedback. I have been reviewing all your suggestions for improvements to the transcription interface and your suggestions make sense to us. I have passed them on the the Mac UX designer and hopefully we can get these prioritised in our roadmap. As you can imagine we have a lot of work to get more features into Mac, but we also want to improve what we have delivered as well. Always a balancing act. Are you a part of our User Testing Community? It would be great to get your input into these matters early on before we release new updates. You can sign
  5. Hi Tobias Thanks for your feedback on the node reference view display. We made the change to improve the appearance and readability of the text when in that view. We faced some technical limitations to get it exactly how we wanted to. However, we would like to improve on this in upcoming releases and give users the option to switch between different view types. I'm sorry to hear that you find the latest implementation unworkable for your needs. Please send an email to our support staff and they will be able to supply you with the previous version - it is not available for download
  6. Hi Jill Just wondering how you are running the query and creating the nodes initially. Rather than using a * wildcard you could run the query with Finding matches set to Stemmed words which would return you similar words in the single query. You could then code them to the single node and save you the problem of trying to merge them later on or set up queries to deal with multiple nodes etc. For example if you were to do a Stemmed word query for something like "Develop", the query returns: Develop, Developed, Development, Developer. Hope that is helpful.
  7. Hi Exporting the list of nodes via the List View to an Excel file might be the best way to achieve this. You can then do the count in Excel and you will be able to see the number of references and therefore the theme that seems to be the most emerging topic in the data. Hope that helps.
  8. Hi When you are performing a text search query in a source, there is no valid option to spread to surrounding coding reference because there isn't any in a source, only a node has surrounding coding references.
  9. Hi The reason for that is once the results have been turned into a Node, they no longer have any direct relation the the query that generated them to begin with. They are now Nodes that can be coded on with other material that is unrelated to the initial query that produced the results. In Preview mode, they are still in relation to the query input, so therefore the Word Tree can be produced. Hope that clears it up.
  10. Hi Max I think the best approach to this would be to run a Matrix Coding Query and then you can output the results into an Excel spreadsheet. If you code all the text to Node A (the original column) - this will be the column in the Matrix Coding Query, and then the 40 other nodes Node 1.... Node 40 as rows in the Matrix query. The results should give you what you want and then you can export to Excel.
  11. Hi Hilschaf Thanks for your query. At the moment NVivo's autocoding does not automatically code those entities from within free text documents (although it can be done from more structured data such as survey responses and social media datasets). I'd be interested in learning more about your needs in this area, and would like to know the other text analytic tools you are referring to. Feel free to email me on j.flett@qrsinternational.com or posting more information here. Thanks Jason
  12. Hi Darren Thanks for the suggestion. I agree it would be a useful addition to have the URL and date printed on the PDF itself. I will log it up as a suggested improvement for the next release. Thanks Jason
  13. Hi Paul At this point the only method to remove the connector label from the model is to do it on each individual connector. You need to have the model in edit mode. Right click on the connector > Select "Shape/Connector Properties" > Then delete the text from the Name text box in the Connector Properties dialogue box. Hope this helps Jason
  14. Hi Sibaiorb Thanks for your suggestions, they are both good ideas and something we are currently considering. Suggestion 1: When you say you wish to capture more than one page at a time, do you mean that these pages are somehow related and all belong to the same forum thread? So if you could capture the initial topic or post, and then all the threads that relate to that post within the forum. Perhaps if you could possibly supply some examples for this. Suggestion 2: You would then like to see all these pages from the forum thread imported into NVivo as a single PDF source? If
  15. Hi Enoh Thanks for your suggestion, it has been logged for consideration by the NVivo product development team. Regards Jason
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