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  1. Can result nodes created as a result of queries and saved, have data uncoded without having to create new nodes.
  2. I had a problem today with crashing software. I was trying to do some text searches and the software was having none of it. It kept crashing. I contacted the helpdesk and they sent me the following. I am posting here because the forum tends to provide answers directly to people meaning you have to wait until Australia comes online. I hope they are useful for others. thanks to helpdesk for great support. I checked with the helpdesk and they said it was ok to post. Further according to the helpdesk 'There is however no damage caused if users try them and it does not resolve their issue'
  3. They contacted me again last week, but have no date for when it will be fixed as yet. however this is a pretty serious problem, which undermines the credibility of the software, so they will be throwing a lot of resources at this. hang in there, should not be long now.
  4. There is a bug in the system that is currently being looked at by the programmers. This results in data not showing.
  5. could this be added as a feature for the next version... remove unwanted labels
  6. Would there be any possibility of getting Nvivo to work with Dragon. It is not possible to get basics like spelling or easy insertion of text and naviagtion is really complicated and slow. This could be such a good feature, that speeds up researchers work, not to mention being useful for disabled researchers like myself. I am a heavy duty dragon user and even with programming some features are almost impossible to do. It works a treat with other software such as Atlas, so it is possible.
  7. can someone remind me how to remove unwanted tags in models. I want to get rid of 'parent' which automatically gets inserted. Nvivo 10... any suggestions... nothing is jumping out in the ribbon. many thanks Paul gD
  8. Thanks, I will send more examples of where it is losing data for your team to look over.
  9. Thanks for getting back in touch. Glad you were able to replicate the problem after looking at what I am doing on my computer. Looks like we have found a serious issue. Glad I videoed it using Camtasia. Data added to cells is repeatedly going missing even with the latest sevice pack. Also coded data is not showing up. Can you provide a work around and a timescale for fixing? This is really important. Also would you recommend not using framework until it gets fixed. Will my other data in NVivo be 'safe'? I really dont want to have to start this project from scratch. Thank you for your conti
  10. It would seem that this is expected behaviour. Your tech support guy has mentioned that you have fixed it according to the response below. I am still having problems and dont know what to do. Alarmingly data that has been coded is not showing up attached to the matrix. I can post a video of the problem here for you and others to see if this would be helpful. it will be similar to the one I sent in before. What should I do to resolve this? missing data is quite scary. Thankfully it is a small data set of around 20 so I can work round for the time being, but I do wonder how I would cope if it w
  11. Another update for those hoping to use Dragon dictate and NVivo 10. Its not feasible. You may be able to use keyboard shortcuts for some menus, but you will end up stuck when it comes to editing text. You cannot select text, perform spell check (easily) or do very basic functions that you can in word (or indeed other CAQDAS packages.... my vote currently is sadly with Atlas which works really really well). If you are disabled, sadly this will not be the software of choice for you. I have however had a programmer write some nifty lines of code which have made some functions easier, such as resi
  12. You can use spell check within dragon and nvivo, but you need to use a keyboard as well to highlight the window into which Dragon needs to put the changed text. NVivo really does not like dragon. You will struggle to highlight text or navigate as well. Atlas Ti works seemlessly with Dragon, but that is not much use if you have learned the ways of NVivo.
  13. I am still having problems with data not saving in cells within a framework. I intentionally put information is each cell, but it often gets wiped (backups checked, data missing there too). Also I have found on a couple of occasions that data that is present in a node, does not show up. Can anyone suggest a solution? I wrote last year on the same topic but got no response? What is best way to avoid this problem occuring? It is particularly annoying losing data and having to retype it over and over again. Many thanks Paul
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