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  1. Hi everyone, thanks in advance for your answer(s) This is my current challenge, Lets say I have 3 nodes: node A (50 references), node B (15 references) and node C (10 references). All nodes across several sources. There are overlaps across all three nodes. What I want is a list of references coded under A but there are not coded under B and/or C. I know I can do this by using 'highlight' - this is, opening node A, and highlight node B and C, then all references that are not highlighted are the ones I am looking for. However, I am looking for something (e.g. report/query, etc) I can go bac
  2. I am having the same problems that Wayne and his PhD students had. However in my case turning on the coding density did not solve anything. I did not experience any of these problems (editing within the text, coding) when I used the Trial version. Wonder if the source of my problems is the service pack (which I did not have installed when testing NVIVO 7)- that would be very funny, a SP creating more troubles Hope somebody can help thanks
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