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  1. Hello. I created a query in NVivo 11 Pro using 2 nodes and 10 case attributes. It ran fine but when I try to export it as an Excel file I get this error: Failed to export parameter is not valid. I am not doing anything tricky, just trying to save an Excel file to a folder on my hard drive. I've tried naming the file a number of different ways to no avail. Thanks for your help. p.s. when I get this to work, I'd like to export the matrix along with the references that are contained in each cell....
  2. Ok, thanks. That's functionality worth adding, especially if NVivo can't properly interpret what I've uploaded.....
  3. I imported spreadsheet and discovered that NVivo incorrectly interpreted percentages as decimals. So, for example, 60% appears as .60 in NVivo. It appears that I can't edit the spreadsheet...is my only choice to change the format of the original Excel file and reimport it? Thank you for your help.
  4. Thank you for your help. Maybe what I should be doing is creating one big project and using node classifications and adding attributes (Stratum 1, Stratum 2, Stratum 3). I don't think this is a huge project by NVivo standards (9 interview transcripts, maybe 30-40 pdf's, another 20 Word docs, a few spreadsheets. The question is, can I also use separate classifications/attributes by case (Case 1, Case 2, etc.). In other words, can things be identified by case and also by stratum? Thank you again.
  5. This is my first time working with NVivo and need help figuring out whether I should be creating multiple projects for my research or one huge project. My dissertation study is a comparative organizational analysis. I have a stratified sample - 3 strata, each with 3 cases. So, I will have 9 cases when all data is in. Each case will include multiple data sources - interview transcripts, spreadsheets of administrative data, pdf's of webpages, etc. Each case will be analyzed individually and then, eventually, cases will be compared within each stratum and the strata will be compared to each other. Should I establish one project for each case? One for each stratum? One big project for all data? Thank you for your guidance.