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  1. Hello Kate, Feature tested and approved. NVivo is fully operational with Zotero files! Congratulations for such a NVivo improvement. Best, Cadu
  2. Hi, Currently, Nvivo provides more possibilities to EndNote than to Zotero data. The biggest lack when dealing with Zotero is that NVivo isn't able to attach the bibliographical information to the respective source. It is because RIS file in Zotero doesn't provide information about file location. In this way, when dealing with Zotero, one need to attach manually - one by one - source + bibliographical data. Hard-working and annoying usability! Zotero provides other formats than RIS (as RDF) in which the file path is informed and could be used by NVivo. So, since one of the NVivo flags is literature review, please, consider to improve the compatibility when handling Zotero data. Thanks, Cadu
  3. Hello, On coding video interview, I have experienced difficulties to achieve accurate selection on video timeline (NVivo9/10). Or maybe I am missing something... After a selection have been made, I would like to increase few seconds at the beginning (or end), in order to select the exact moment of the speech. I was unable to extend the current selection without loose it and have to make a new inaccurate selection again. I mean, my need is just to extent (or shrink) the edges of a current selection to code with accuracy, but I couldn't achieve that. If anybody has any tip, I would appreciate to know about that. Thanks in advance, Cadu
  4. Hi, I was expecting that NVivo10 would improve the NVivo9 purple layer that is almost unreadable when broading the “coding context” in PDF sources. It still there, with the also almost unreadable grey color layer that is over all the area not coded (as showed in the attached screenshot). It seems to be just an issue of lower the transparency / opacity. It sounds simple, but would bring great readability to NVivo. I hope a version 10.0.x could improve it. Best, Cadu
  5. Hi Marcus, I am trying NVivo10, but I couldn't find by myself any improvement in node navigation within a source view. Could you give me a direction about that? Thanks, Cadu
  6. Hi, Besides the already NVivo advertised improvement of "minimize the ribbon with one click", it follows attached a suggestion to provide flexibility and fast way to dealing with all VIEWS/TABS. The views/tabs could be showed or hided by "double clicking" at edges (or even a button to be pressed). Anyway, the suggestion is clearer in the attached image. Regards, Cadu
  7. Hi, Maintaining the same structure the "find => go to" (crtl + G) tool already has, I suggest adding the option "node" to the list "go to what" (populated by "page" + "see also link" + "annotation"). Attached there is a picture illustrating this suggestion. So, the tool would improve its functionality, providing handy way to navigate through all the nodes of a coded source. Besides, the user can continue with the work of coding the source ever he wants (it would provide similar great function other CAQDAS package has to navigate throughout a source). It is really useful considering a source with 300 pages! The "highlight" and "coding stripes" tools are great, but they are linear (one need to navigate the source page by page). On the other hand, open the node is limited since the access is restrict to just the coded source content. And simpler, the user just want to explorer the nodes direct in the source, without the need of queries and so on. Regards, Cadu
  8. Hi, Since all links (annotation, relationship, see also…) are showed in the same place (just in different tabs), it is a bit annoying to check/uncheck three times these links in “view tab” whether one desire to see or hide all of them. Preserving the individual way to deal with any of the links, I suggest adding a grouped checkbox in view tab to show/hide all links together / at same time (annotation, relationship, see also…) . It would be handy! Regards, Cadu
  9. Hi, I have realized that the tool "finding content (crtl+F)" provides less accuracy than a text search query when matching the PDF outputs. Since I contacted the QSR support and it seems to be really a problem, I suggest the accuracy improvement of this tool. For instance, in the PDF attached I could find through "text search query" 4 references to the word “bateson”. But in the same PDF, using "finding content (crtl+F)", I could find just 1 reference. Other point is that often the "finding content" isn't able to highlight the search results. I mean, NVivo changes the regions or pages, but the words themselves continue sometimes "hided". A important improvement is to deal with these general issues around "finding content" accuracy. But I suggest the tool improvement as well, in order to provide an output list of searched words, in the same way Adobe Acrobat and Word 2010 provide. Regards, Cadu
  10. Hi, As illustrated in attached screenshot, I suggest the improvement of two aspects when dealing with coded sources (opened node). a) The source thumbnail size cannot be altered in NVivo 9. The thumbnail takes almost ¼ of my NVivo vertical screen area (14" screen). So, in the same way in [ view tab => list view ] it is possible to adjust thumbnail size to sources (and select "detail" view as well), I suggest the same behavior to the thumbnail when dealing with sources inside nodes (coded sources). b ) When dealing with a coded PDF, it is almost unreadable the area not coded. It is because the content is overlaid by a grey color layer. And when broading the “coding context”, the NVivo purple layer is as unreadable as the grey one. I suggest some ways of dealing with: (1) soften a lot the color intensity of the layers (both grey and purple); (2) soften and change the purple color (broad the “coding context”) to a color friendly to human eyes; (3) make available a way to the own user set the color intensity. Regards, Cadu
  11. Hi, I was reading the forthcoming NVivo 10 “Usability Improvements”. I would like to suggest going further into some points (the content into quotation marks are from http://www.nvivo10.c.../whats-new.html): a) “Minimize the ribbon with one click: A new command has been added to the ribbon, so that you can minimize or maximize the ribbon with a single click”. => It seems to be the same button provided by MSOffice applications. It is welcome! Why not to make available the “minimize with one click” to the “links tab group” (annotations, see also link and relationships), to the “coding stripes tab” and to the “navigation view” as well? In this way, all NVivo tabs will be really flexible, providing great usability. b ) “Work with Detail View on the right: Do you prefer to work with the Detail View on the right? NVivo now 'remembers' the position of the Detail View—and whenever you launch NVivo, the Detail View will be where it was the last time you used the software”. => The issue is that there are a plenty of layouts usage, considering the different NVivo views combinations (navigation, list, detail, annotations, see also link, relationships and coding stripes). So, by having just “Detail View on the right” will provide a little improvement in comparison of providing a way to save at least three “customizable users views”, considering the possibility of combining and saving different views to be used anytime. It would be handy! c) Easier (direct) access to insert links (memo, annotation and see also link)=> the “context” menu could provide a direct way to insert these type of links. Besides, would be handy to insert links using shortcuts. d) Customizable shortcuts => besides the possibility of making available shortcuts as suggested in ( c ), a couple of shortcuts could be customizable. The current shortcuts to “media” aren’t the most ergonomic to transcribing. Actually, the customizable shortcuts to links and to media control would be the more important in my opinion. Even the current media shortcuts would be more effective whether Play/Pause = F8 (not F7) and Stop = F7 (not F8). In this way, Play/Pause would be closer to Skip Back (F9) and Skip Forward (F10) commands, being these three commands used together often. Besides, this new order would be the same commands order in the ribbon (currently, the play - stop order in ribbon and shortcut is crossed, causing consfusion). "Play speed" also need a shortcut (maybe F11 and F12) since this feature is changed often. e) Quick access tool bar=> as in all MSOffice applications, NVivo could provide a really custumizable “quick access tool bar”. This would bring great usability, since the most used user’s command could be a “click” of distance! It sounds simple => right click onto ribbon commands and “add to quick access tool bar”. f) Models=> at least to make available basic object tools alignment (align left, right and so on). But about models, I think much more improvements would be welcomed, as "linking frases" for instance (the current nameless "connectors" are quite limited and the way Nvivo approachs the relationships as "shapes" are visually havy as well). g) "Use NVivo to help with your literature review. Collect references in NVivo as you go, or import them from Endnote or Zotero". => Actually, Nvivo provides more possibilities to EndNote than to Zotero. The biggest lack when dealing with Zotero is that NVivo isn't able to attach the bibliographical information to the respective source. It is because RIS file doesn't provide information about file location. In this way, when dealing with Zotero, one need to attach manually - one by one - source + bibliographical data. Hard-working and annoying usability whether the bibliographical analysis is the matter. Zotero provides other formats than RIS (as RDF) in which the file path is informed and could be used by NVivo (besides, a better usage of RDF format by NVivo could provide to the user similar experience that what is being proposed in version 10 to Evernote, since Zotero deals with "capture" of webpages as well). As a NVivo user, I consider it impressive overall, an amazing CAQDAS. But IMHO, “usability” around these "bells and whistles" is lacking in NVivo 9 (one more=> when undocking a window, to have it always "maximized" could be an available option). And I hope version 10 could go further in providing really great usability improvements to the user. My wishes of an excellent development work to NVivo team! Carlos Eduardo Guerra Silva Cadu!