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  1. Hello again, I've resolved this issue. In essence, I downloaded and installed in Windows 7 a bundle of codecs including an mpeg-2 specific codec. I was able to get audio playback on my videos after this. It is interesting, because WMP had no problem with playing the video before I downloaded the codecs, consequently I assumed the video should play okay in NVivo. So the 'take away' point for me: the fact that media plays okay in WMP does not predict the media will play okay in NVivo - you may still need to download and install codecs specific to your media in order for it to play in NVivo.
  2. Hello, My videos are in mpeg-2 codec (recorded on a Sony digital handycam). The videos play back fine in Windows Media Player with good audio. No apparent problem during the Nvivo import process. However, in Nvivo10 there is no audio playback (video is fine). The waveform shows audio is present. I've checked hardware and software volume and mute controls to ensure I've not muted the audio. Any help with this greatly appreciated. Kris
  3. Hello I am attempting to import an XML export file from Endnote. I have not had problems with this previously. This time the import failed and an error message displayed: "Import failed - illegal characters in path". I am assuming there is something in a path name or file name that is causing this, and I may have to rename the offending item - however I could be wrong about this and I am not sure what I should be looking for. Has anyone had this problem and managed to solve it? Regards, Kris.
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