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  1. To support a photo elicitation study I have imported a number of photos taken by participants, allocated them to existing cases and created sets (of photos belonging to each person). This has been fine for individual photo files, but I have some images which I can only import as a PDF i.e. one PDF containing 10 photos. So I now need to separate each photo so that the corresponding set comprises 10 items, and so I can allocate 10 separate items to the appropriate case. I thought this might work by coding each image by region, but this doesn't allow me to follow the above process i.e I can't create a set from nodes, only data files. Really I feel I need to extract each image from the PDF to be able to treat them as independent data files. Any suggestions for working around this would be gratefully received.
  2. Thanks Rahul. Ideal - except worth noting that I could not access Sort By via right clicking in the list view. I accessed that function via the Layout menu tab. Could be a version 9 thing, maybe.
  3. Hi there! I have started a project that requires a lot of importing of structured Word documents. When using the autocode function to set up nodes reflecting the sections within the documents, the resulting list of nodes in Nvivo places the sections in a different order to the original. Usually in alpahabetical order. Could someone please advise how I can retain the original order of sections, please? I have tried numbering but the numbers appear to be ignored by Nvivo. Many thanks. Andy