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  1. anyone else have suggestions for comparing 3 sets of codes together? I need to analyze the intersection of 3 sets of codes. Each set has ~15 codes/subcodes.
  2. Hi Kath, Thanks for this. I can store multiple coding queries for each of the permutations of 3 code combinations but it would be great to have it in a matrix/cube form if possible. I have 3 sets of nodes (i.e. nodes with upwards of 15 subnodes) that I'd like to see the intersection of. So it'd be great to have the results in a format that can easily export the counts but also have the ability to see the read the coded text if need be. Thank you, Daniel
  3. Hi everyone-- I'm trying to find a way to easily count and see text that I've coded with 3 different codes. In a matrix query I can cross tab 2 sets of codes but I can't find a way to look at 3 sets of codes at the same time. I need to be able to easily count (hopefully not by hand) how many documents have certain combinations of 3 codes and then see the actual text coded. Any ideas?
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