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  1. DavidEare

    Coding to tree nodes (Nvivo 7)

    a few more annoying behaviours if you are coding to child items at the bottom of the tree, the screen stops automatically scrolling at the last parent item - so difficult to get to the child items Then the tree will either collapse or reposition to the top of the tree
  2. DavidEare

    A wish for Word

    Be able to bring in footnotes would be great - often there is critical information in these. An option in the dialogue box to include or exclude footnotes would work best - as sometimes they will just 'junk up' the document. Also - I have noticed that embedded objects (e.g. Visio diagrams) don't come over. Would it be possible to include a step that converts embedded objects to graphic/picture format before the document is imported? (Might be possible by running a Word macro over the document in the first step of importing???)
  3. One thing that is annoying me with Nvivo 7 is that when I code to tree nodes using 'drop and drag' sometime the nodes collapse (and have to be expanded again) and sometimes they don't. I can't figure out why this happens - I have tried pointing to the same part of the line each time and it sometimes it stays expanded and sometimes it doesn't.