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  1. So is it really true that NVivo does not allow me to escape any of the special characters so that I can search for them? Oh my! This is such a basic and simple feature of any serious text query tool. So please can someone tell me that I'm wrong? Or perhaps there is a way to search for regular expressions (regex)?
  2. Is this still not possible four years later in NVivo 11? Isn't it a very common need amongst users to import not only timestamps but also speaker names? I have wasted a lot of time trying to transform the transcript into a format that NVivo would read correctly, but it just won't work. If it can't be done during import, could you at least make it easier to add the speakers later. The find function doesn't really help much if I still have to manually insert the name into every row, but it should be no more than a few lines of code to automate this. It is already possible to filter displayed rows based on cell content, so I can easily hide all rows except those from speaker X. If I could now populate the speaker column for all visible rows, that would make things a lot easier. Regards, Christoph
  3. Hi, I want to import transcripts with timestamps into NVivo. The timestamps have the format hh:mm:ss.t where t stands for tenth of a second. In other words, the timestamp format corresponds exactly to the format into which NVivo converts various other formats as shown here in the NVivo manual. It appears that NVivo recognizes the ".t" part of the timestamps when creating the timespan for each row, but then also interprets the t-part of the code as part of the transcribed text so that it also appears in the transcript column, like this: 0:01.6 - 0:03.2 6 I: Yes, hi how are you doing? 0:03.2 - 0:05.6 2 R: I'm okay, how are ... Where the black part is in the timespan column and the red part is in the content column. (See also attached image) To be clear: the issue that I am reporting here is that the 6 and 2 in red (i.e. in the content column should not be there. Hope this can be fixed soon. Christoph
  4. Hi, I have an audio file with a transcript table that I imported from an rtf document. The table includes the columns Timespan, Content, and Speaker. However, the speaker column is still empty and my aim is to find an easy way to fill it in since the speaker information is already included in the content column (indicated by the first two or three characters like F1, F2, M1, M2, ...) First I thought I could solve this by autocoding, but I was thinking the wrong way around there because auto coding is of course only possible the other way around, i.e. I can assign a code to a transcript row based on what it says in the speaker column. So now I am trying to select all rows for speaker M1 by simply filtering the content column to show only those rows that contain "M1". Having selected all relevant rows, I am now looking for a way to bulk assign the value M1 to the speaker column for all of those rows in one go. How do I do that? Or is there another way to achieve this? Regards, Christoph
  5. I would like to add three four requests for improving the use of transcripts in NVivo: (This seems to be a bug) When the transcript table is in focus and I use the mouse wheel, I guess the table should scroll. It sometimes does scroll, but rather unpredictably so. (Update: the problem seems to be that scrolling does not work when the cursor is blinking inside the transcript table. It only works when you highlight a whole row, which is pretty counterintuitive and inconvenient) The scrolling should be "softer". Right now, if I move the mouse wheel one nudge further, the transcript table moves a whole page, which leaves me without orientation where I am and how far I have moved. One stop on the mouse mousewheel should equal one row, not one page (or whatever it is now). NVivo should have an import function to import transcripts produced with f4 (http://www.audiotran.../english/f4.htm) Scrolling does not even work properly when I try to do it "manually", i.e. when I hold the scroll bar on the right with the mouse and move it up and down nothing happens until I release it. That makes this function pretty useless, since I don't know when to release the mouse button unless I see where in the transcript I am...
  6. Hi, NVivo10 crashes whenever I open an audiofile, then change into edit mode so that the first row of the transcript table appears, then put the cursor into the "Content" column and hit enter. NVivo completely carshes so that it disappears from the screen and Windows (7) shows the usual monologue of looking for causes etc and then wants to report to Microsoft. The project on which I am working is saved on an Nvivo server (v9). I have not been using the transcript function in NVivo9 as I find it pretty useless as long as you cannot code single words in a transcript but only whole rows. I wanted to check whether this is still the case in NVivo10, but it turns out that things seem to be even worse in this version... Another thing that I find annoying in NVivo10 is that when I try to connect with the project on the NVivo server and happen to type in the wrong password, I cannot simply click the project again and enter the right password. If I try that, NVivo just asserts that I don't have the right to access that file. I actually have to close NVivo and open it again before I get another chance of entering the password. Is there any chance that these bugs will be fixed soon? Regard, Christoph
  7. Why can I not post even though I registered and validated???