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  1. Hello, I am a PhD and use NVivo for netnography (online ethnography) of forums. NVivo is great and so is Ncapture. However: Sugestion 1: ncapture enable to capture only 1 page at a time while some of the posts I work with can be 30 pages long. It would save me a lot of time if I could type in/ provide the URLs to Nvivo and the software would download all the pages I type in. I am not necessarily talking about thousands of pages - but a few dozens would help me a lot - and probably many other people working with online forums. Suggestion 2: when I capture several pages of a same th
  2. Hi everyone, Regarding merging pdfs, its appears that small apps were created which enable to do that. I am now personally using one called "Pdfs split and merge" However, I still don't know how to ask NCapture to download and print as pdfs all 14 pages of 1 thread at once. Anybody has an idea ?
  3. Hi everyone, I am currently analysing an online forum as part of my research and NCapture should prove to be very helpful in this regard. However, there are 2 issues which I am not sure NCapture answers: - Is it possible to merge several pdfs created by NCapture into one? Indeed, discussions on the forum analysed run over several pages and I would need to have all posts from a same thread registered in NViVo as 1 single Source. - Is it possible to capture several pages at once? I have 100 threads to analyse and each of them is 14 pages long. That will make me repeat the same procedure
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