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  1. Hi Kath, thank you for taking this up so quickly! I have posted a reply in the question forum at http://forums.qsrinternational.com/index.php?showtopic=6055. Please feel free to merge the two threads! Cheers Walter
  2. Hi Bupesh, thank you for taking up this issue! I thought the Find function was for finding particular project items? II was not aware that it is possible to search for text strings, too? I tried to find a text string in an annotation and source text, but can't figure out how to do it, If this is possible I would be much obliged if you could post a quick hands on guide and all is well. As to your question what I am "trying to achieve with the Text Search query and Annotations" - as the project grows I use it frequently to find particular text strings which I know I wrote in an annotation, bu
  3. Hi, referring to the thread in the discussion forum located at http://forums.qsrinternational.com/index.php?showtopic=6055 It appears that QSR has removed the possibility to include annotations in a text search. This is simply not acceptable! When can we users expect this basic function to be re-introduced? Regards Walter
  4. Hi, is there any news to when we users can expect the re-introduction of the text search function for annotations? How on earth could QSR ever think of removing this function? This really is a serious setback! Regards Walter
  5. Hi, I use a demo version of NVivo 9. I tried to code text as used from NVivo 8 by marking a text sequence and drop it on the appropriate code. That doesn't seem to work anymore; the marking on the text gets deactivated. Is coding by drag & drop not possible in NVivo 9? Regards Walter Nevermind, I tried to drop it on the node title instead of the node icon.
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