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  1. I am trying to do what i thought would be a straightforward matrix coding query which is coders in rows and themes/nodes in the columns so I can see how many times each coder has coded to each theme. But there is no option to select coder (aka user) in the rows or columns of the matrix coding query. I have played with lots of other ways but can't seem to get to this output. I do not want to do a coding comparison query - this would be a much simpler query. Any ideas, I am using NVivo 11 pro so perhaps plus or NVivo 12 can do this? Thanks, Paula
  2. Hi I am working on a project already started in QDAMiner by a colleague and would like to import this to NVivo - is this possible - anyone have a work around? It is not listed as possible in the help menu and I have tried saving the QDAMiner file as a XML as you do for Atlas.ti but this doesn't work. Any ideas, Paula
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