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  1. We have released a new experimental feature called pattern based auto coding into the hands of NVivo 10 users. Released in NVivo 10 Service Pack 4 in late October 2013, it is in the early stages of development and we are keen to hear your feedback on your experience and how this new feature should be further developed. Feel free to reply to this forum thread. Further details about this experimental feature is available in the online help, which can be viewed at http://help-nv10.qsrinternational.com/desktop/procedures/automatic_coding_using_existing_coding_patterns.htm
  2. Hello limone, We are developing a new implementation for PDF documents which will be available as a free update for NVivo 9 in mid 2011. Regards Adam
  3. Hello Emily, There is a FAQ How do I print my project items (such as documents and nodes) and the relevant coding stripes next to them on one page? that explains how to print coding stripes next to the coded text. Regards Adam
  4. Hello Jason, Yes, QSR has a roadmap that will deliver collaborative qualitative analysis over the web. NVivo 9 and NVivo Server 9 which are being released in October 2010 will allow multiple users to work collaboratively in real-time using the full capabilities of NVivo. We’ll share more of our plans around web and cloud computing post the launch of NVivo 9. Regards Adam
  5. Hello gil, I am pleased to say that NVivo 9 will support custom stop word lists. Regards Adam
  6. Detailed answer in this post: NVivo 8 Compatible with Windows 7 Regards Adam
  7. Hello Jon and Venne, This is similiar to the suggestion Expandable Tree Nodes for Drag and Drop Coding. Something we will look into. Regards Adam
  8. Hello Venne and MM1967, NVivo currently uses a full text search engine similiar to those used by web search engines. This engine does not allow for wildcards to be used as the first character of a search, as described in Text Search: Special Characters and Operators. There are some changes coming to Text Search functionality in NVivo 9 and details will be released in the coming months. Regards Adam
  9. The readme file provided with each release or service pack provides a comprehensive list of bugs fixed and user suggestions implemented. With the major release of NVivo 9 in October 2010, we will be improving our process to provide more frequent feedback via the forum. Regards Adam
  10. Hello Jon and Fabrolino, Thanks for the feedback - this is something we will look into developing in an upcoming release. Regards Adam
  11. Hello Fabrolino, Interesting idea - what do other NVivo users think? Regards Adam
  12. Hello Fabrolino, Thanks for the feedback - this is something we will look into. Regards Adam
  13. Hello Bert, I am pleased to state that NVivo 9 will support columns within PDF documents. It is important to note that Atlas.ti 6 currently only supports PDFs of version 1.4 (Acrobat 5) or earlier, whilst NVivo 8 currently supports PDFs of version 1.7 (Acrobat 9) or earlier. Regards Adam
  14. Hello Jon, This is a great suggestion and something we will look into supporting in a future service pack. Regards Adam
  15. Hello Pablo, When NVivo 9 is released in October 2010, NVivo 8 will still continue to work and be supported by QSR. If you have a perpetual NVivo 8 license then it will continue to work indefinitely. If you have a site license then it will be dependent on what your organization decides. In regards to upgrading to NVivo 9, there is an FAQ on upgrading. Regards Adam
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