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  1. We have released a new experimental feature called pattern based auto coding into the hands of NVivo 10 users. Released in NVivo 10 Service Pack 4 in late October 2013, it is in the early stages of development and we are keen to hear your feedback on your experience and how this new feature should be further developed. Feel free to reply to this forum thread. Further details about this experimental feature is available in the online help, which can be viewed at http://help-nv10.qsrinternational.com/desktop/procedures/automatic_coding_using_existing_coding_patterns.htm
  2. *** UPDATE: A new version of NVivo developed specifically for the Mac is now available. You can download and use the free NVivo 10 for Mac Beta software until June 2014. Learn more about NVivo 10 for Mac Beta *** All latest versions of QSR software are specifically designed to work on the Microsoft Windows platform. However, we have two products that have been specifically tested on a Macintosh system. NUD*IST or NVivo 2 can be operated using Microsoft Virtual PC for Mac to host a Microsoft Windows XP or Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional operating system and are currently recommended for Mac users who are wishing to use our products. NUD*IST A responsive, pragmatic tool kit for code-based inquiry and searching, N6 (NUD*IST version 6) keeps you close to your data and in charge of your growing interpretations. Its unique Command Assistant writes macros in seconds – saving you up to several weeks of work. If your challenge is rapid access, sharp questioning, high standards of enquiry, thorough understanding and meeting firm deadlines, this is your solution. With N6 these are no longer incompatible goals. NVivo 2 NVivo 2 is designed for researchers who need to combine subtle coding with qualitative linking, shaping and modeling. A fine-detailed analyzer, NVivo 2 integrates the processes of interpretation and focused questioning. Rich text records are freely edited and coded and linked with multimedia. A project starts as soon as ideas start. NVivo 2 enables you to take qualitative inquiry beyond coding and retrieval, supporting fluid interpretation and theory emergence. Mac Environments The following configurations have been specifically tested running either our NUD*IST or NVivo 2 software: Mac G4 1GHz 640MB SDRAM OsX V10.3.7 Microsoft Virtual PC for Mac v7.0.2 Windows XP SP2 and Windows 2000 SP4 Virtual PC Allocated Memory of 256MB Mac G5 1.8GHz dual core 768 MB DDR OsX 10.4.1 Microsoft Virtual PC for Mac v7.0.2 Windows XP SP2 and Windows 2000 SP4 Virtual PC Allocated Memory of 256MB Of course these are not the only Mac configurations that can run NUD*IST or NVivo 2. Indeed these products should run on any Mac that can run the latest Microsoft Virtual PC for Mac software with the above recommended Microsoft Windows platforms. Note that Windows 2000 Professional SP4 is the recommended platform for using our products on a Mac with Virtual PC for Mac. What about NVivo 7? Our brand new software product NVivo 7 has just been released and we know that Mac users have been eagerly awaiting the results of our platform tests on the Mac. We are pleased to announce that NVivo 7 will work on the new Intel-based Macintosh machines using the new Apple software product called “Boot Camp”, which is currently in Beta and available as a free download. Apple’s Boot Camp allows users to install Windows XP on a Mac and switch between both Mac and Windows operating systems. Unfortunately, NVivo 7 will not work using Microsoft Virtual PC for Mac. This is because the latest version of Microsoft Virtual PC for Mac 7.0 emulates a Pentium II processor and NVivo 7 requires a Pentium III-compatible processor or later due to the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 component utilized. QSR will continue to monitor any news about both Microsoft Virtual PC for Mac and Apple Boot Camp and provide further updates as these technologies continue to improve.
  3. Adam Long

    Nvivo 9 and Pdf

    Hello limone, We are developing a new implementation for PDF documents which will be available as a free update for NVivo 9 in mid 2011. Regards Adam
  4. Adam Long

    Printable coding stripes

    Hello Emily, There is a FAQ How do I print my project items (such as documents and nodes) and the relevant coding stripes next to them on one page? that explains how to print coding stripes next to the coded text. Regards Adam
  5. Adam Long

    Web Based Version?

    Hello Jason, Yes, QSR has a roadmap that will deliver collaborative qualitative analysis over the web. NVivo 9 and NVivo Server 9 which are being released in October 2010 will allow multiple users to work collaboratively in real-time using the full capabilities of NVivo. We’ll share more of our plans around web and cloud computing post the launch of NVivo 9. Regards Adam
  6. Adam Long

    Word frequency queries

    Hello gil, I am pleased to say that NVivo 9 will support custom stop word lists. Regards Adam
  7. Adam Long


    Detailed answer in this post: NVivo 8 Compatible with Windows 7 Regards Adam
  8. Adam Long

    Expand Parent Node on Hover

    Hello Jon and Venne, This is similiar to the suggestion Expandable Tree Nodes for Drag and Drop Coding. Something we will look into. Regards Adam
  9. Adam Long

    Asterisk function

    Hello Venne and MM1967, NVivo currently uses a full text search engine similiar to those used by web search engines. This engine does not allow for wildcards to be used as the first character of a search, as described in Text Search: Special Characters and Operators. There are some changes coming to Text Search functionality in NVivo 9 and details will be released in the coming months. Regards Adam
  10. The readme file provided with each release or service pack provides a comprehensive list of bugs fixed and user suggestions implemented. With the major release of NVivo 9 in October 2010, we will be improving our process to provide more frequent feedback via the forum. Regards Adam
  11. Hello Jon and Fabrolino, Thanks for the feedback - this is something we will look into developing in an upcoming release. Regards Adam
  12. Adam Long

    Mirror window

    Hello Fabrolino, Interesting idea - what do other NVivo users think? Regards Adam
  13. Adam Long

    Edit from node

    Hello Fabrolino, Thanks for the feedback - this is something we will look into. Regards Adam
  14. Hello Bert, I am pleased to state that NVivo 9 will support columns within PDF documents. It is important to note that Atlas.ti 6 currently only supports PDFs of version 1.4 (Acrobat 5) or earlier, whilst NVivo 8 currently supports PDFs of version 1.7 (Acrobat 9) or earlier. Regards Adam
  15. Adam Long

    Ability to resize various pop-up windows

    Hello Jon, This is a great suggestion and something we will look into supporting in a future service pack. Regards Adam
  16. Adam Long

    A new question for the FAQs

    Hello Pablo, When NVivo 9 is released in October 2010, NVivo 8 will still continue to work and be supported by QSR. If you have a perpetual NVivo 8 license then it will continue to work indefinitely. If you have a site license then it will be dependent on what your organization decides. In regards to upgrading to NVivo 9, there is an FAQ on upgrading. Regards Adam
  17. Adam Long

    Highlight in different colours

    Hello Fabrolino, Do you have any suggestions as to how you would like the highlight represented when multiple nodes (of different colors) code the same content? Regards Adam
  18. NVivo 1 was originally released in 1999 and is no longer supported. I highly recommend that your University upgrades to a later version of NVivo (current version is NVivo 8). You may have some success running NVivo 1 on Windows 7 if you use Windows XP Mode.
  19. Adam Long

    Queries with Nvivo

    Hello Dan, Thank you for your suggestions. The list view showing tree nodes can be fully expanded and printed. Is this what you are looking for? The ability to simply query on node hierarchies is currently under development and further details will be announced next year. Regards Adam
  20. Adam Long

    Windows 7

    Hello Alan, NVivo 8 SP4 will run correctly (without UAC prompts) under Windows 7 when logged in using a standard user account. Regards, Adam
  21. Adam Long

    Windows 7

    Hello Alan, The 32-bit version of Windows 7 can address a maximum of 4GB memory (2^32 bytes), whilst the 64-bit version of Windows 7 can address a maximum of 192GB memory - but theoritically up to 16TB memory (2^64 bytes). Using additional memory (such as 8GB) with the 64-bit version of Windows 7 will improve performance if you are running multiple programs at the same time, including multiple instances of NVivo 8. Regards Adam
  22. Adam Long

    Windows 7

    Hello Alex, NVivo 8 Service Pack 4 has passed the technical requirements for the Microsoft Compatibility for Windows 7 Program and is a supported by QSR. Further details can be found at http://www.qsrinternational.com/support_fa...l.aspx?view=607. Regards Adam
  23. Hello Jon, There are a numerous ways QSR International collaborates with our users, with this forum being one such mechanism. Generally we avoid jumping into a particular thread to ensure forum members fully debate and discuss the issues at hand. All suggestions posted in the forum are reviewed by the development team, though I acknowledge that the development team should look at providing more feedback to the user community. Since the release of NVivo 8 in March 2008, we have been extremely busy with further development of NVivo 8. We released four service packs which introduced new functionality (including user suggestions from the forum) and support for localized languages in May 2008, August 2008, November 2008, and April 2009. In July 2008 we undertook an extensive online qualitative survey and indepth interviews with our users. We analyzed this information using NVivo and have since prioritized our future development plans for NVivo. We also collated information from the forum, feedback via our help desk, and discussions at conferences. We mention some of this briefly in this . We have already commenced development of NVivo 9 and will be announcing details at the end of this year, including opportunities to be involved in our Beta Test Program which will run in the first half of 2010. Thanks and regards Adam
  24. Hello Linsey, The system requirements for NVivo 8 are located at http://www.qsrinternational.com/products_n...quirements.aspx Although NVivo 8 will install and run on your netbook computer, the Samsung N10 has a maximum screen resolution of 1024x600 which is less than the minimum screen resolution (1024x768) required by NVivo 8. Not meeting the minimum screen size could cause some usability issues as the software is developed and tested against the minimum specifications. To overcome this limitation, you can connect an external monitor to your netbook and use a higher screen resolution. Regards Adam
  25. Adam Long

    NVIVO8 and PDFs

    Hello all, We at QSR have been taking much interest in this thread. The majority of the time we avoid jumping into a particular thread to ensure members fully debate and discuss the issues at hand. You may be interested to know that QSR International undertook an extensive online qualitative survey and indepth interviews with our users in the middle of last year. We analyzed this information using NVivo and have since used the results to prioritize our future development plans for NVivo. I can confidently state that the majority of the issues raised in this thread are already on our future development plans and that some have already commenced in development. We are not in a position to disclose these details as of yet. More details will follow late in this year and there will be opportunity to provide feedback on the new functionality prior to its release. Thanks and regards Adam