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  1. I am coding using the drag and drop method in which document text is highlighted and dragged to the node. Highlighting works fine, but I can't establish a pattern of why the dragging intermittently fails about half the time. When it doesn't work, the highlighted text becomes unhighlighted and starts highlighting again where I click the cursor. The best I can tell, unless I click exactly on the black text that is highlighted (not on any whitespace, even it is the space in the "O" of the text), the drag will fail. I find that I can most successfully drag the highlighted text when I click on an "
  2. I run NVIVO on Windows XP through Parallels. After having NVIVO open for 10 days of work, and saving regularly, I re-boot my machine and shut down Parallels first. When I opened NVIVO again, it told me that a newer version of my file exists, do I want to use it instead. I said OK and it froze I had to close it and open again but it doesn’t give the option to recover the file anymore. Now I cannot access the recovered file and my backup only picks up the last version saved when NVIVO was closed. I found the tmp.nvp file and changed the name, but it says that the project could not be ope
  3. I am interested in this too... specifically on issues of ratings, like "high, medium and low". I realise that I could make sub-nodes under a conceptual heading with these rating levels, but wonder if it can be done using attributes to reduce the number of nodes created. Please advise if there is a better way of handling values of coded text. Thanks
  4. Hi... I hope someone can help. Our team is looking at our options around importing data from five data collection instruments, many of which may be used with the same respondent. We expect around 750 individual respondents and around 1250 interviews. Our current plan is to input responses to questions into a spreadsheet and then import the spreadsheet. Of course, using a Word-formatted questionnaire could also be imported. We want to be able to link respondents together so that we will know that it is the same respondent replying to separate instruments. Using Nodes for each respo
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