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  1. Hi , I would like to generate an extract to assist with obtaining quantitative results. I want to use the file directly with the statistical program Stata. I need an excel file that shows only one line per table row in each of my video audio sources. For example, I have 5 sources. Each source has 500 lines with multiple types of codes applied to each row. I want to create an extract that generates 2500 lines to correspond to each of the 5 sources 500 lines and additional columns to show me the codes I have applied on each of these rows. I have tried a source extract in multiple configurations, but it does not correspond to the source rows. Instead, it generates a new line for each applied code, resulting in a file that has 5,000 rows. Can you help me to correctly create an extract with these requirements? Is it possible? Joy
  2. Hi.. Along the lines of the first poster regarding organizing nodes. I have a pretty extensive node list that I need to merge, delete, move around etc. Is there any way to confirm that I put the right node in the correct spot.I can review the log, but it would be nice to have immediate feed back of an error. Regards, Joy