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  1. Thanks for the feedback, Sue. I could have been a little more specific in my original post, though. I actually use a dual screen set up, where I have my document on one screen and my NVivo main screen showing the expanded tree nodes on another. I usually code by highlighting, dragging, and dropping from the document screen onto the node of choice on the other screen. There is one particular node that will often collapse when I drag and drop to a child node beneath it heirarchically. This doesn't happen to any of my other tree nodes, even as I switch back and forth between screens, so it is an
  2. Just select the check-box labeled "Coding Stripes" on the first print menu that appears aftering opening the document and selecting the "print" button, or File>Print. When I did this, the coding stripes printed on a separate page immediately following the text they were referring to. Hope this helps! Cori
  3. In NVivo 7, service pack 2, I have one specific tree node in my project that collapses every time I code content to one of its child nodes. This is somewhat frustrating, as it is a node I access often. I have to expand it again each time I want to drag more content to a related child node. Any suggestions? Many thanks, Cori
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