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  1. I am doing a text query and using the word, "uncle." I only need the search to look in Interview 1s that are associated with cases with the attribute "male." I thought I could easily filter to accomplish this. But the item "Classified items where" allowing attribute selection is not usable but I do not understand why. Any insight?
  2. I have not tried this but here's an idea for a work around: Using a word doc, Cut and past the question (put in Header 1 style), then cut and paste all the data from the open ended responses, each separated by the participant number (put the participant number in Header 2 and the responses in normal style). Import into project. Then you will be able to code and search by case.
  3. Thanks. That worked and I was able to repair. Unfortunately, after the repair, we are still having an intermittent problem of "NVivo has unexpectedly encountered a problem."
  4. Hello: I am having NVivo have "unexpected problems" while coding. I wanted to try compact and repair, however, that choice is not available to me in the Help menu of the open project. (It's gray and not clickable). Please advise. Thanks, Audrey
  5. If I understand your question correctly, my opinion is to use sets. Make one set per participant and then associate project items or files with each participant. I have not have problems with NVivo handling many sources and the fact that it can is one thing I like about it.
  6. Hi Cara: Although the advice created a problem, it was accurate. File classifications for each of the variables is awkward for a lot of complicated reasons and attributes works a lot better. I would copy the project and then re-import the excel as case classifications associated with each file. This will help you identify multiple cases with a single attribute, etc. Hope this helps. Audrey
  7. Hello QSR Nvivo Help: I am more worried now about the project and I think I need to have a consultation about this project because the coding stripes do not align with the data coded at a certain node. Also, we lost a memo today. Please advise, Audrey
  8. I pay attention the coding numbers in the Nodes view to makes sure that me coding is advancing as I intend. So If I have an interview excerpt coded at "X" and the reference is an interview quote from a single participant, when I uncode it at X, I expect to see the reference to decrease by one and perhaps the code (depending of any other part of the interview is coded at X. I have noticed that the tallies of codes and references do not consistently change while coding or uncoding. I have gone back and checked in the node to discover that the coding (or uncoding) did indeed occur. Why don't
  9. Thanks, Heather. This is great info. One further question ... When merging, we must create a new project into which we bring both versions of the project? In the above post, I was thinking we were merging one version into another. So A and B go into C, not A goes into B, correct?
  10. Heather: Your matrix explanation is great. Is there a way to save posted replies to topics that are of interest to us, creating a personal archive of help topics? I favorited them, but I do not see an option to save. Thanks, Audrey
  11. Hello: As project member R was working on a non-server version of the project "ORIGINAL.nvp", she got kicked off the internet. This resulted in a small bit of lost data. R made a copy of the file and closed. Next, team member L used ORIGINAL.nvp, unaware of the lost data. ORIGINAL.nvp, is intact, but it is missing a memo and a bit of coding from one document. We want to merge those items from a copy of ORIGINAL.nvp into ORIGINAL.nvp, We tried and received the message "items not imported." Please advise. Thanks, Audrey
  12. Hi Heather: From this link I see the release notes but not a full, searchable manual. Has that been released? Please send the link to that. Thanks, Audrey
  13. This is a request for an up-to-date manual for NVivo12. The language in the manual for Nvivo11 has changed in the newer version of the software and it makes the use of the help manual less efficient. This is also a question about hiding annotations. The NVivo11 help manual contains the following:http://help-nv11.qsrinternational.com/desktop/procedures/add_delete_and_manage_annotations.htm?rhsearch=annotations&rhsyns= In Nvivo12, I cannot find this feature. Please advise.
  14. I am wondering if there is a way to pin a message for teams working together? I would like to put a reminder in the project log, but I would like it to be similar to pinning, as featured in a number of other software and social media tools (e.g., FaceBook, Trello, Slack, Pinterest etc)
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