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  1. Hello, I'm struggling to work out how to code synthesised text in framework matrices. NVivo treats this text quite differently to that in transcripts, presumably because it is already 'held' in hidden nodes, meaning I cannot select bits of text and code them to thematic nodes. Please tell me there is a way around this as coding the original transcripts would negate all the work I have done in synthesising dozens of interviews into matrices. The background to my question is this: The literature about Framework states that developing the matrix is about data management (distilling your d
  2. When looking at the associated view, I want to see what parts of my transcripts have been linked to particular case-related cells (this process is called charting, I believe). I have modified the coding stripes so that they display the Framework column headings, but when I scroll through the transcripts no coloured coding stripes relating to those column headings appear. Sections that I coded traditionally before using Framework show up, but nothing that I've linked to cells in Framework. This means that I can't see what I've charted unless I happen to be in a cell that is linked to that secti
  3. Hello, How can I remove the automatic letters on Framework columns, please? My nodes are numbered and the auto-letters mess up the layout. Thanks, Abby
  4. Thanks for your thoughtful reply, Gaelan. It's not what I was hoping to hear but it's good to have clear information at this stage. I appreciate you suggesting modifiable datasets to your product development team. Best wishes, Abby
  5. Hello, I have been maintaining several spreadsheets in Excel because they are capturing qualitative data about ongoing events and my understanding is that I cannot edit a spreadsheet once it has been imported into NVivo. However, I would like to use NVivo for this purpose so that I can start coding the data and linking it to other sources. I note that Framework matrices are editable. Is there any reason why I shouldn't use them for the initial data entry rather than Excel providing they are clearly labeled and separated from the Framework analysis I plan to do across all my data? Thank you,
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