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    Coding workflow improvements

    If I want to create a new code, and apply it to the text I am working with (a very common action), MAXQDA requires several actions: Ctrl-Alt-N, create new code, then click (or drag) to apply the code to highlighted text. Once text is highlighted, it should be possible to create and apply a code with one action. My recommendation would be to make the keyboard command Ctrl-Alt-Shift-N do this. This suggestion also applies to the Windows version I think.
  2. Hi, Imagine a node structure as follows: Universities Structure Size Society Structure etc If I am coding some material using the quick coding toolbar, it would be great to be able to code to any of these nodes just using the keyboard - having to switch between keyboard and mouse really slows me down. Unfortunately, that isn't possible at the moment. If I want to code a passage of text under Nodes\\universities\structure, I have to select 'Nodes\Universities' on the left hand drop-down of the Quick Coding toolbar, and then type 'Structure' in the right-hand side. It would be much better if I could just type '\\universities\structure' in the right hand side. Nvivo doesn't allow this because it won't let you use slashes in the text box. I think this would be a very quick and easy change which could save hours - no, days! - from a big coding project.
  3. johnkingeu

    BibTeX import

    Hi Marcus At present I use Papers2 to manage my bibliography (on Mac). To import to Nvivo I have to export to Endnote, search replace file name stubs to change to PC format locations, import to Endnote PC, save again then import to Nvivo. Phew. Once you release Nvivo mac things might improve! John
  4. johnkingeu

    Auto Code PDF Bookmarks

    Hi Please could you add auto coding from PDF bookmarks? This would be very useful when importing large numbers of PDFs, as the authors will often have added section headers as bookmarks - section headers are often a good way to structure documents. The coding could just be the bookmark itself in the relevant location (no text content) - or possibly an option could be to include the first 50 words following the bookmark in the document. Many thanks
  5. johnkingeu

    Zoom out/in preference as default

    +1 from me on this. For me the text is too small and I need to zoom in - please can you add a preference setting for zoom level.
  6. johnkingeu

    BibTeX import

    Hi, Please could you add BibTeX import to your existing RIS and Endnote bibliographic data import features? BibTeX is a powerful, flexible and popular bibliographic data format and many applications (such as Zotero) now support BibTeX syncing. This means that you can maintain a single .bib file which your reference manager would update - Nvivo could then watch this file for changes and update its sources database as appropriate. No more manually trying to sync your references! Many thanks John